Itasca HS Student Media Presents:

Say Hello to the New Paw Print Press- Proudly serving Itasca since 1997!

Itasca HS Student Media Presents:

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My name is Kristin Mears, and I teach journalism and English 3, along with Yearbook and Paw Print Press, at the high school. I am an Itasca alumni, class of 2008, and I couldn’t be happier to be walking these halls again. I have over 13 years of experience writing for numerous Texas publications in Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas. I want to share my passion for writing/journalism with my students and our readers. I am full of school spirit, and want nothing more than to keep traditions alive and spark enthusiasm for all things Itasca.

Last Christmas, I created a proposal to stop printing a physical paper, and to create something digital. This would allow the Itasca community and school district to stay up to date with current events and activities daily rather than weekly. It is now our second week of school, and we have a website! This is an exciting time for our journalism students as they get to experience a new type of journalism, and learn the ins and outs of meeting deadlines, writing/editing copy, photography, and interviewing all digitally.

Our mission is to be the hub of all things related to our “big, little” town and school district.

News, sports, scores, videos, community events, photos, and feature stories- all accessible from a computer or smartphone. All of the Wampus Cat Territory.

Please be patient with us, as we are still learning about our site daily!

Itasca HS Student Media represents the entire journalism program at Itasca. This encompasses Paw Print Press and Yearbook. All content related to these organizations will be posted on here, as well as on our Facebook page.

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Contact Kristin Mears with any concerns or questions at (254) 687-2922 ext. 224, 204, 205.

Feel free to contact a staff member with events, news, stories, etc. you would like to feature in the Paw Print Press.