Veteran’s Day Assembly at Itasca ISD 11/11


On Friday, November 11, 2022, Itasca ISD will be hosting a Veteran’s Day Assembly to honor and remember the veterans who served their country and service in the US Armed Forces, as well as veterans who are no longer with us. This event will take place in the Itasca Special Events Center at 10AM (doors will open at 9:30AM) where all the students, staff, and family gather and recognize the veterans that served for our country.

 Those that will be serving/participating in this assembly will be the members of the Girl Scouts, the Itasca ISD Band, as well as the representatives of the Itasca ISD, and the IHS Student Council (also including Ricky Paul Puckett as our singer for the Veteran’s Day Assembly).

The following events will be listed in order of service for this event: The invocation with Daniela Chavez, following with the pledges with Joseph Gurrusquieta and Colt Rhea. Next comes with the welcomings that will be spoken by Tyler Griffith, as well as the songs (branch recognition), with Dakota Manaseri after the prior events. Then moving on, Michael Flores will be introducing the speaker, Charles Everest, who will be speaking about Veterans Day and the assembly. Then, Evelyn and Kathy Virrueta will announce the flag foldings, where the Girl Scout Troop 4701 will then be folding the flags in sync with the written speech. When they are done with the flag foldings, Kaden Cordell and Nick Baker will speak about the Proclamation. Closing that out, Alyssa Botello and Alvin Thao will be announcing the names and recognizing the veterans that served in the US armed forces. With that reaching to an end, Robert Webb will be closing off the Veteran’s Day Assembly speech; followed by an amazing performance sung by Ricky Paul Pickett to end off the assembly.

After the assembly, everyone will gather around at the Veterans Memorial in the downtown area of Itasca, in which the Itasca ISD Band trumpets will play Taps one more time to commemorate and honor Veterans Day.