Itasca LDE Teams Advance to Area!

On Wednesday, 11/9, Itasca students attended the District LDE contest at Cleburne High School. Currently, two teams advanced to Area next week! Three District banners were awarded, which is only given to the top three in every contest! We are very proud of all the kids and all the hard work they’ve been putting in to make it all happen!
Creed Speakers-
Mahala Goldsmith- 12th place Senior Creed
Tomas Castillo- 6th place Spanish Creed
Quiz Team- 7th place
Gwen Brown, Dakota Manaseri, Alyssa Botello, & Roy Perales
Radio- 14th place
Joe Weaver, Dakota Manaseri, & Gwen Brown
Public Relations Team- 3rd place
Evelyn Virrueta & JT Morris ( Due to an extremely unfortunate judging error, these two went from 2nd/Area Advancing to 3rd later in the night)
Greenhand Skills- 2nd place, AREA ADVANCING
Kylee Montes, Gunner Slagle, & Ayden Abbott
Senior Skills- 2nd place, AREA ADVANCING
Naomi Chavez, Hannah Brackin & Kathy Virrueta