Introducing the Junior Wampus Cats


Lazaro Villarreal

Amaya Brown, Staff Writer

Introducing the Junior Wampus Cats!

This school year the Elementary campus is launching a new program- “Junior Wampus Cats”. The program’s purpose is to foster positive relationships between our varsity athletes and the future Wampus Cats of our “Big Little Town”. It will allow our Wampus Cat athletes to serve as positive role models,  who will represent the team, school, and community with pride and integrity, while they mentor a “Junior Wampus Cat”.

The program pairs a Wampus Cat Varsity athlete (Bigs) with a junior Wampus Cat (Littles). Not only will this allow our Littles a chance to be inspired, but will also motivate our Bigs to be the best that they can be in all aspects. Our goal is to motivate both Bigs and Littles to work hard, stay determined, be positive and kind, and most importantly have FUN.