Meet the Interns: Freshman Andres “AC” Cruz, Lukas Nieto, and Alvin Thao

Do you drive to school? What was your most listened to driving song on your morning commute this year?

“I don’t drive, but I listen to Lost by T-Dre Deluxe.”- AC

“I don’t drive, but when I do I’ll be listening to Zach Bryan or Tyler Childers.” – Lukas

“I don’t drive but I listen to marching band music occasionally.”- Alvin

Which school tradition are you most proud of?

“Homecoming” – Lukas & AC

“Awards Ceremony” – Alvin

Would students be more productive if cell phones were banned during school hours?

“Depends on the student and how the class is” – Lukas & Alvin

“In this generation no, students wouldn’t listen to the teachers and just mess around”- AC

What’s your favorite school lunch?

“The school spaghetti” – Alvin

“Chicken Sandwich”- AC

“Spicy chicken strips with mashed potatoes and gravy with a roll.” -Lukas

Should the school have or keep vending machines

“They should have, they would’ve made a lot of money from it” – Alvin

Keep, students get hungry during the day” – AC

“Yes, students have an option of food or drink to fuel them through the day.”- Lukas

What’s your most embarrassing in school memory? What happened and did you  learn anything from it?

“Hiding in Coach Cruz’s classroom on the last day of school basically” – Alvin Thao & AC

“Got caught skipping my first period class in the locker room, thankfully I didn’t get in much trouble, but I learned that it is probably not a good idea to skip out on responsibilities.”-Lukas

Which event did you most look forward to this year? Did it live up to expectations?

“I look forward to powerlifting in the future, not sure if it’s going to live up my expectations” – Alvin

“Playing varsity football; its been something I’ve wanted to do since I was in 4th grade” – AC

“Looked forward to having our JV game because I finally had a chance to play, and it was a super fun experience.”- Lukas

Do you have a favorite class/teacher?

“Mrs. Mears and Band” – Alvin

“Ms. Mears and Spanish” – AC

“Mrs. Mears, Coach Wells, and Mrs. Quijano.”- Lukas

If you could get rid of the bells between classes, would you? Why? 

“Yes, I hate the sound of the stressful bells knowing I will be forced to go to another class despite the work that I haven’t finished.” – Alvin

“Yes, I need time to use the restroom.”- AC

“Yes, it prevents a lot of tardies even though they are annoying.”- Lukas

What is a life lesson you have learned so far in high school?

“No one cares until you care” – Alvin

“Not everyone is your friend” – AC

“Work ethic goes a long way.”- Lukas