“Dear Santa…I want… Second and Third Grade”


Second Grade:

“A kitten, apple pen, apple tablet, and new colors of glasses” – Sarah Qurioz

“A hover board, some Pokemon packs, and a dirt bike” – Rowdy Johnson

“A nerf gun, Nintendo switch, and a scooter with 1 wheel in the back and 2 wheels in the front” – Ricardo Moreno 

“A scooter, Nintendo switch, and a uniform toy” – Michelle Rodriquez Diaz 

“Some mini brands, a rainbow high doll, and a Barbie” – Ashley Garcia 

“A Star Wars Lego set, a Paw Patrol toy, and a light saber” – Sean Liscum 

“A puppy, LOL dolls, and new shoes” – Kamia Walker 

“A NFR jacket, play tractors, and some new HeyDudes” – Gus Strona 

“Some rubber boots, a football, and a Nintendo Switch” – Tyler Miller 

“An iPhone 13, a tablet, and a purse” – Za’Kirah Brown 

“A iPhone 14, or an iPad, and a hess toy truck” – Brody Clevekand

“A boomerang, drone, and Pokemon” – Austin

“A doctor set, ice cream set, and Christmas joy” – Zoe Blum

“A LOL doll pack, pack of kinetic sand, some playdoh, pan for cooking” – Brynleigh

“Kinetic sand and one thousand dollars” – Anaya Morales

“Pokemon cards and a puppy” – Gavin

“Some Pokemon card and svm toys”- Vicente

“I want Minecraft” – Christopher 

“A tractor, dolls, and a doll house” – Grace

“A Nintendo switch, a hr head set, and a toy workout set” – Lennon 

“Please bring me a Barbie doll on Christmas” – Emma 

“Pokemon game for my nintendo” – Conner 

“I want a vr headset and dirt bike” – Erike

“A little puppy, big Barbie house and a doll” – Joselyn

“A Nintendo switch, gymnastic mat, a VR headset, and a microphone” – Ryleigh

“A pineapple squishy mello, cow stuff toy, and a horse saddle” – Alex

“I want a tablet for Christmas, LOL surprises, and a box of playdoh” -Evolet 

“A ice cream squish me, pink duck, and star pup” – Kyndal 

“Sticky stuff and Mr. Sketch” – Leighia 

“I want a bake store” – Bella Casas 

“A gymnastics bar, LOL house, and a headphone case” – Kinzie 

“A new Nintendo switch game, a rooder toy, chicken toy, Spiderman toy, hot wheels truck with a shark” – Aiden Whitehead

Third Grade:

“I want an iPhone, a puppy, puppy toys, dog food for puppy, containers, and color pencils.”

“I want a Lego set, Nintendo, an elf, and a real dog.”-Luke Brown Evan.

“A Roblox gift card or hot puffs.”- Patience

“I want a snow globe, a puppy, and Legos.”-Yocelyn Duron

“Squishmallows, mini things, stickers, a bender for my Pokemon cards, and Pokemon cards”.-Natalie

“Pencils, Glue Sticks, Expo markers, Erasers, Highlighters, Scissors, Crayons, Colored Pencils, Markers.”-Anastashia

“A oculus, iPhone 14 pro max, and a basketball.”

“I want an oculus and apple watch.”-Joel

“I want makeup, fidgets, mini toys, Barbies, camera, and air pods.”-Zayla

“I want a dirt bike, makeup, fidgets, mini toys, Barbies, camera, iPhone, and air pods.” Lexy

“I want oculus pro, iPhone 14 pro max, PS5, Legendary baseball glove.”-Bryan

“I want a phone and a tree house.”-Jonathan

“I want a hoverboard, Drone with a camera, and a oculus.”-Armando

“I want V bucks, toy car, Naruto toy, drone with camera.” Thomas

“I want a iPhone 14 pro max, computer, trip to Disney land, Roblox gift card, Jesus stuffed animal.” Abby