“Dear Santa… Please bring me… Fourth and Fifth Grade”


Fourth Grade:

“Colored pins, the candy Twix, a diary, a book named diary of the wimpy kid, fake plants, mittens, and art stuff.” -Juana Ramos.

“A mini dirt bike and an iPhone 13 pro max” -James brown

“A giant blanket with a horse on it.” -Anastasia M

“A phone.” -Nylah G

“A new book and drawing supplies.”-Autumn

“Time with my family and a dog.” -Emerson D

“An XBOX or Playstation.” – Jose S

“A crate of puzzles.” – Axl Ward

“Some Yeezy slides foam runners a Patrick Mahome’s Jersey, cool grey size five in a half, and a Star Wars Lego set, basketball hoop, and a laptop and an iPhone.” – Jake

“A big Lego set, a lot of candy, a speaker and a new phone.”- Katy W

“A iPhone, PC, sled, snow, gift card, snow board, Xbox, Chromebook, bag of candy, bigger television, movie projector.” – Joseph 

“A horse.” – Sophia C.

“Oculus Quest 2 , gift card and a computer.” – anonymous 

“Pokemon.”- Ivan

“A PS4.” – Mason

“VR headset and some Nintendo games.”- Laney K

“Brain quest summer books, a pound weights, middle school math books and Hot Wheels.”- Leo G

“A Starbucks gift card and a Tilly’s gift card.” – Mckenzie Lundberg

“Laptop, Pokémon, PC, iPad, iPod, iPhone 12, $150, Pokémon scarlet, Pokémon violet for switch.” – Jacob 

“Pokémon.” -William

“I want a laptop and money and that is really it.”-Tank Maddux

“A Bounce Bark Net,3D pen, shoes, clothes and Robux.”-Jaylah S.

“A husky and a VR head set. I always wanted one, but mostly the husky or maybe some Legos.”-Elian Cruz.

“A llama there, my favorite animals and their cute.”-Sophie N.

“A pair of soccer cleats, a book and soccer ball and a football. Please give me a candy cane.”-Miqueas S.

“Dear Santa please please bring me a horse. I really want one and I’ve been good and I’ve always believed in you!”-Cathryn.

“I want a dog and cat.”-Mateo Duron

“A new phone, bike, gaming chair, new dunks.” Gabriel Ramos

“A VR headset, and a Minecraft sword please!”-Leigh Cole.

“A PS4, a skateboard, basketball and Mr. Beast chocolate bars. Thank you!”-Alex Corona

“Please bring me an iPhone 13 please and money so my mom can buy a new car.”-Trenton Hicks

“A Lego set because I am a fan of Legos and a phone.”-Fernando Gonzalez.

Fifth Grade:

“Rainbow High Dolls, car, house and if it’s possible I’d like an iPhone and iPad.” – Anonymous

“A brand new football, new puppy, shoes and a new baseball glove.” – Brayden Miller

“New shoes.” – Athan Flores

“A laptop and some hightop Jordan’s.” – Macie Rodriguez 

“The new Xbox game Fifa 23, a new binder.”- Andrew Montes Rodriguez

“For my parents to be proud of me.” – Karson Trejo

“A teddy bear, an advent calendar, sketchbook, markers, colored pencils, art supplies, new blanket, new shoes, new hoodies.” – Angelina Diaz

“Lego Katana and hoodies.”- Isabella

“A new iPhone 12 Pro, white air forces, blue high top Jordan’s and a new puppy.” – Khia 

“Madden 23, NFL gloves, baseball bat and a baseball glove.” – Christopher Medrano 

“Air Jordan’s, foldable drone, PS5.”- Anonymous

“A little Christmas tree, decorations, a doggie bed and a dog toy for my dog.” – Jaylin Corona

“Pokémon.”- Isaiah Rios

“Perfumes, body scrub, ring light.” – Kau Burden

“Oculus 2.”- Landry Bassett

“Bracelets, necklaces, Squishmellows, Nike socks, candy and Chamoy pickles.”- Serenity Mozon

“New dog, new drawing set, new drawing books.”- Anonymous 

“Guitar, earrings, four-wheeler.”- Amethyst Mungia

“Pokémon cards, Jordan’s, PS5.” – Anonymous 

“Skincare, hoodies, new Chromebook and a rubber band.”- Khloe Perkins

“I don’t want anything.”- Eliel Morales

“A phone.”- Annaleticia 

“Big stuff horse, Coca Cola and a big stuffed reindeer.”- Clara Fragolo 

“Stuffed Boba plushie, hoverboard, led lights, notebook, pencils, hoodies and a binder.”- Lilian Diaz

“Candy and VR, VR games and more candy.”-Anonymous

“I want a case Tractor With Tracks.” -Toby

“A punching bag, new hoverboard, kangaroo shoes.”-Nash

“A new dog, candy, clothes, jacket, skirts, bell bottoms. That’s it thank you Santa!-Lena  Esqweda

“A killer drone from Call Of Duty and a PS4, the most is to get friends.”-Jesus Mendezar

“A retro blue electric guitar, calligraphy pen set, Big Nate book series, posca paint markers.”-Elias

“Harry Potter books and Harry Potter pillows.”-Tanith B

“New clothes, new shoes and some bracelets.”-Yaselin Ramos

“A Sketch Book, Coloring stuff and Legos.”-Anonymous

“A drone, Legos and school pencil.”-Bryston

“Candy, headphones, Santa hat, chocolate, teddy bear, white shoes, Christmas tree, snacks.”-Marseli Chavez

“Justice clothes, toys, Polly Pockets, clothes(any), croc charms and teen LOL Dolls.”-Zoie Stewart

“Legos, big scary/nice/bubble gum for the brain books, nail kit, plush/harry potter.”-Anonymous

“Nike Socks, Legos, crayons, markers, coloring books.”- Dominic