How Do you Dress for School?


You may have heard someone say, “school isn’t a fashion show”, while that may be true. It doesn’t always feel that way for some. For many, there is a constant pressure to dress up for school and keep up with the new trends to fit in. Putting together outfits for school doesn’t have to be this daunting task. There are many different styles of clothing that teens can wear to express themselves. We decided to look around our campus and see what our students were wearing.

I’ve asked four different students at IHS what their preference is, and how it represents them….

Student 1 – “Comfy and cute! Comfy is when I just don’t really feel like dressing up, and then cute because I feel good wearing cute clothes and not to show off, but they make me feel better.”

Student 2 – “My choice of style revolves around western outfits when out, but on a daily basis I choose comfy because it makes me feel good.”

Student 3 – “My style is to wear similar things everyday to not attract attention. Jeans and a hoodie makes you blend in with everyone else.”

Student 4 – “Casual and comfortable, it shows I don’t care about things.”

So what is your favorite style? Do you dress to impress?