In My Opinion: All-Star Cheer is Harder Than You Think..


All-Star cheer is very much a physical sport, but it comes down to your mentality. Once you have the basics down of cheer and the physical ability to do different tricks/flips- it is just your mentality that keeps you from doing those things. Mentality is a big part of cheer; it make you think you can’t do it or you’re not good enough to do it, which causes you to be afraid of trying new things and getting better.

In my eyes, it is a very dangerous sport especially for stunting. One wrong hand, finger, or foot movement can cause a stunt to fall and hurt the bases and the flyer. Bases have a super tough job trying to get the flyer up in the air. Personally to me, bases are probably the strongest and toughest people I know.

As a flyer, I can say most people do think basing is harder than flying, which may be true, but being a flyer is also very hard. I have had to stretch for years to be flexible and be able to position in the air. Also, the amount of confidence and trust you have to have with your bases is crazy. Especially if they don’t have a good grip, it can either twist your foot, ankle, or even your hip, you still have to fight for the stunt and stay as tight as you can even if you’re in pain.

In my opinion… All-Star cheer is harder than you think! Try it, and see what you think!