Itasca High School- “Hangout Spots”


Itasca High School is a small school as you all may know, but you might still feel overwhelmed at times, or just need a quiet place to work. What if I told you that there are popular “hangouts” on campus where you can take a break or catch your breath? There are a few areas that offer just the thing for when you just need a break from the classroom…

One of the most well known spots is called the “senior commons”. You probably pass this area everyday on the way to class, but have you really gotten to enjoy the relaxation it provides for maximum productivity? The benches might be a little rough, but nothing beats laying down or putting your feet up while you’re doing your work.

Another space you pass frequently is called the “freshman commons” (Almost the same thing as the senior commons, just without the benches). This area has tables you can sit at; many believe this is a great setup to have a conversation to catch up with your friends if you do not share very many classes with them.

The final and last spot to hangout is the courtyard. The courtyard isn’t air conditioned, but it suffices. These spots are not a necessity, they are a luxury the school has granted us to use.

Some might say that these places aren’t good suggestions, and there is not really a good hangout spot, and that is completely understandable, but this is a school after all. So next time you are walking by the senior or freshman commons or the courtyard, just take it in and appreciate the fact our school gave us these areas. Take your chromebook and work on your assignment in the commons for relaxation. The chairs might not be that comfortable and the benches might not be that cushioned, but we are graciously thankful to have a few spots out of the classroom to clear our minds, work independently, and gear up for life outside of high school.