Time Management


Time management in high school is very important. “Time management” is a skill that allows students to schedule their priorities toward completing tasks. Just think of what a high school student has to do each day. It can be very stressful, especially for athletes. There are games, classes, driving permits, licenses, planning for college, keeping grades up, and not to mention your social life. There are many different ways; however, a student can stay on track with their time- it involves scheduling, planning, and lots of thinking. 

First, schedule by getting a journal or a planner to jot down all the different activities that you have going on and need to get done. Then pencil in the times that you need to complete that task in order to relieve stress. Next, plan. Planning ahead on things is super important. For instance, at school you have due dates for your assignments. It is better to plan to turn those in ahead of the due date to stay on top your work. This way you aren’t worrying about it later in the week or the day of. I know it can tough to read and think about these options, but trust me…it’s going to be fine and get better in the long run. What is your end goal? Always keep that in mind.

My favorite option is planning because I like to turn all of my assignments in ahead of time or right on time so that I do not have to worry about it later. It did take me a long time to figure out my process, but I got taught by my mom, and I would like to share it with all of you. All in all, time management is important, and very helpful in so many ways. It can help teens, little kids, adults, etc. I hope reading this is helpful in your own life, and can help relieve stress with your events, activities, and work; it just take a little planning and time management!