Spotlight: Staff Member: Liz Guzman

Lizbeth Morales-Guzman is a junior in high school and has been playing sports since 7th grade all the way into her sophomore year. She has participated in volleyball, track and cross country. Her favorite sport had to be cross country. She first joined cross country her 8th grade year. Ever since then, she has enjoyed the sport of running. Liz joined cross country because she wanted to try something new, and she was excited to be participating in this new sport. Why Liz loved this sport so much was because it was her first actual sport that she enjoyed doing, and she loved the experience and the team. Liz got along with everyone on the team, and they turned out like family to her. Liz’s favorite part about the cross country practices was running early in the morning because of the nice breeze she would feel while running in the morning. Her favorite part about the meets would be going out to eat with her team after the meet was over and hanging out and having a great time with the team. In total, she has earned 5 to 6 medals in total throughout her cross country experience. Her favorite cross country coach had to be Coach Montgomery because he would always motivate her and push her to be her best. Her least favorite thing about cross country was running in the heat. Why Liz decided to not join cross country her junior year is because she wanted to focus this year on her college credits and dual credit classes. She will always love this sport, and it will always have a special place in her heart. She still loves running and even sometimes runs in her free time out of school. She will never forget all the hard work and dedication she has put throughout the years for cross country.