Spotlight: Itasca Cheerleaders


Let’s talk about the Itasca Cheerleaders!  Their names are Chick Jackson, Gabriella Rodriguez, Naomi Chavez, Makala Rodiguez, Haylyn Barnard, Marisa Ramos, Madi Middleton, Sirena Runyon, Emma Malke, and Kathy Virrueta. I have asked two of graduating senior cheerleaders questions to get their perspective on cheering at Itasca! 

Would you rather cheer at basketball games or football games?

Chick- “I would rather cheer at football games because we get to interact with the crowd which lets us have a more exciting atmosphere, being able to stunt, and support our football team.”

Gabriella-“I prefer cheering at football games because I love how everyone can come together and support our boys.”

Why do you cheer?

Chick-“It represents the school, I get to bond with my team and enjoy Friday nights.”

Gabriella- “I love being a role model to little kids and seeing their faces light up- it brings me joy!”

How much is cheer important to you?

Chick-“It was my first year being captain and having to be a leader to many.”

Gabriella-“I will never be able to have this experience again and it has taught me a lot, I am forever grateful that I made so many new friendships!”

Favorite memory?

Chick-“Going to my last cheer camp and being able to receive awards we haven’t got in the past, and many people stepping out of their comfort zones.”

Gabriella- “Every game after the game is over we blast the music, and have a good time.”