Top 5 Prom Dress Color Trends of 2023


As we approach prom, most girls probably have already been prom shopping, and have found their perfect dress. In this article, we will touch on the “top 5 prom color dresses” trending this year. Say “hello” to bright colors this year! You’ll see colors like neon pink, yellow, orange, fuchsia, and lime! 

Pink:  It is a gorgeous color. A color that represents a girl’s feminine side and will make her look like a beautiful lady. 

Yellow: I wasn’t really expecting this one. This gives me “Belle and the Beast” vibes, but to each their own.

Fuchsia: I love this color. It’s very beautiful. It reminds me of flowers that you pick from a garden.

Orange: It’s a color you don’t see very often, but I would love to see someone rock this color!

Lime: An uplifting mood. It reminds me drinking a limeade on a summer day.

On prom night, it is everyone’s chance to be themselves and choose a dress, color, fit that makes them feel their best. I hope to see a lot of these pops of bright colors this year at Itasca’s prom in April!