Itasca at Houston Ag Mechanics Show


We had 2 projects complete at the Houston Ag Mechanics show, which is the largest/most competitive show in Texas. Both projects received Blue ribbons (90-100 points)!!!

“Special shout out to Joe Weaver and Evelyn Virrueta for their hard work and dedication! These 2 kids and I spent every day (and a few very late nights) of our spring “break” in the shop working to finish there gate! In the end it was all worth it!!” Super proud of these kiddos and the amount of growth we have had. Last year not a single project was exhibited and now out of the 12 projects we’ve showed at Ag mech shows 11 have received blue ribbons and one red (80-89)!!” – Mr. Bronar

Here are a few pictures of the kids and there projects!