My Time in the Paw Print Press/Yearbook…

During my short time with Paw Print Press/Yearbook, I have learned different ways to describe what I’m looking at or telling to people I’m talking to. People want to understand the outside world, and a newspaper helps them to achieve this goal, and how hard it is to stay consistent with stories and learn responsibility. Before joining the Paw Print Press, I tried and failed to describe what I was sensing, and share it with other people to the point I’d start pointing to the thing I’m looking at and ask them what it looks like to them. Everyone wants to understand what’s going on in the outside world. Whether it’s weather or politics, most people want to stay in the loop. Working on such a newspaper has taught me many valuable lessons, but the most important has been responsibility.

Working with a deadline and/or under pressure can teach important life skills such as time management that can be used in other classes in school. Keeping up with due dates and assignments is all a part of time management, and is a valuable lesson for entering the workforce. To be a reliable employee, you need to be able to balance multiple things at once, meet all requirements, and get things done before a deadline. The skills needed for this can be learned at school, and by working for the Paw Print Press/Yearbook.

Although there is stress involved in learning what to write about, it helps to create a professional atmosphere, where time management is one of the most important tool to have in a professional field, whether it’s actually in an office setting such as the Paw Print Press, or in the field such as the logistics field. When a higher-up of mine requests something in a time sensitive manner, I will remember my time in Paw Print Press, and value the time management that I’ve learned in high school.