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The Student News Site of Itasca High School. Proudly serving Itasca the "Big, Little" town since 1997.

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The Student News Site of Itasca High School. Proudly serving Itasca the "Big, Little" town since 1997.

The Paw Print Press

I’m Thankful For…”Elementary Edition”


*Disclaimer: Be patient with us on these “thankful slips”. We are reading lovely handwritten notes from early elementary grades. 🙂 Unfortunately, there were a few that were not legible or were not signed with a name. A big thanks to the teachers for helping their classes get these filled out for us!


“Mom, dad, Sean, Theo, Mickey Mouse, popcorn and PJ Masks.” -Noah Liscum

“My parents, music, cookies, and my trampoline.” -Aubree Wilde

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“Four-wheeler and dad and mommy.” -Brucelee Garcia

“My dad, mom, brother, sister, Ms. Toni’s Classroom.” – Weston Vogelbocher

“Thankful for my mom and baseball.” -Jonathan Banda

“Juice, eggs, bananas, and spaghetti.” -Amy Garcia

“Eat turkey, November, and Thanksgiving.” -Senad Hajdarevic

“Dad, Alucard, Nana.” -Fenris Shands

“Mom, dad, sister.” -Angel Castillo

“My grandma, mom, daddy, and my dog.” -Emery Mozon

“Giving my mom Mother’s Day cards, being nice to my sister and my dog.” -Winston Stewart

“My dog, my toys, mom and daddy.” -Olivia Salazar

“My mommy, daddy, and my toys.” -Ayden Camarena

“My cat, my dog, my mom and dad.” -Adalee Baker

“My toy truck, dad, mom and grandparents.” -Chaz Williams

“My mom, dad, and my sisters.” -Ailan Garcia

“My teacher, my momma, sister, and my stuffy bear.” -Presley Wylie

“My dogs, my mom and dad.” -Serenity McMinn

“My brother DJ, my sister, and momma and daddy.” -Emily Aguilar

“Being nice to my friends, my mom cooking and my dad mowing.” -Jase Laird

“Play-Doh, colors, paint and my toys.” -Ashley Medrano Valladares

“My mom and dad, and my food.” -Ezekiel Lara

“My sisters, my mommy and dad.” -Analia Nolasco

“My mom, the slides on the playground and Play-Doh.” -Chloe McBride.

“My mom.” -Christine Cortez-Reyes

“My mommy, Levi, Yaya, my cousins, and my dolls.” -Oshean McDowell

“Colors, my robot toy, my mom and dad.” -Anna Sophia Vazquez

“That my dad gave me some cookies.” -Jayda Yates 

“My mom giving me some soup and a chicken breast.” -Jonathan Villa-Rojo

“My mom hugging me.”-Dominic Stroud

“My mom.” -Ava Sarli 

“Candy.” -Julian Rodriguez Diaz

“My friends.” -Avery Ponce

“My teachers.” -Fisher Macon

“Julian.” -Toben James

“My nana.”- Jedidiah Hurtt

“Samantha making something yummy for me.” – Miles Hudson

“Our teachers.” -Angelyn Hernandez Medrano

“A dress.” -Kactus Faucett

“The soldiers that save the world.” -Rudy Cundall

“My family.” -Brandon Borjas Ventura

“My mom and dad for helping when I get hurt.”- Kamdyn Alford 

“Being able to help my family, and helping my grandma.” -Gunner Miller

“My mom and my dad, and my animals.” -Kaelyn Mears

“My mom, dad, cousins and brother.” -Brody McDowell

“My mom and dad, and my brother and sister.” -Esther Chajal Lopez

“My mom and dad and my puppy.” -Theodore Liscum

 “My mommy and daddy and brother and sister.” -Desiree Kelsey 

“Helping my little sister and my mom and dad.” -Gwen Cox

“My family.” -Natalie Heslor

“Helping my mom, brother, sister and dad, and my 2 little baby brothers.”  -Jaciel Gutierrez Jr.

“Being able to help around the house and my puppy.”-Bryson Walker 

“My brother, mom, and grandma.” -Carlos Toj Ramos 

“My mom and dad, they give me something and love.” -Rylee powell

“The people who help me live and survive my whole life.”-Paisleigh Perkins

“My friends and family that help me.”-Derrick Paniagua Perez

“My mom and dad.” -Presley

“My mom and dad, family.” -Kristen S.

“My mom and dad.” -Sadeigh

“My mom and dad.” -Luke

“My family.” -Victoria

“My family.” -Ava S.

“My friends.” -Brylee

“My friends.” -Milo

“My friends.” -Samantha

“My friends, family, and my dog.” -Emerson Dominguez

“My mom buying me games for my Nintendo.” -Kingston Edwards

“My family and friends.” -Marcus Hernandez Ortiz

“Leveling up on Lexia and having ice cream. Also, my family, friends, and lunch. I’m also thankful for Mrs. Madison.” -Armando Hudson

“My mom, dad, grandpa, and my grandma. Also, the rest of my family.” -Paisley McCullough

“My mom, dad, family, and my school.” -Bentley McDowell

“My family, friends, puppy, Mrs. Jamie, Ms. Stacie, and Mrs. Wilde. Also, Ms. Cole, Mrs. Madison, and Mrs. Ketchum.” -Catalina Pesina

“My mom, dad, my brothers and sister.” -Jose Rodriguez Diaz

“My mom, dad, and my dog. Also, my teacher, my big sister and the rest of my family.” -Madelyn Rukat

“My friends being nice to me and my family.” -Ronkeith Warren

“School.” -Manuel Zetino Ramos

“My family and toy cars.” -Antonio Zuniga

“My mom.” -Julian Benitez

“My toys because I love to play with them.” -Rafael Solis Toj

“My pets because I like to cuddle with them.” -Chloe Walker

“My family because I love them.” -Aaron Gutierrez

“My dad because he draws with me.” -Leo Perales

“My mom because she helps me.” -Amerykle McMinn

“Helping my dad so he doesn’t have to work by himself.” -Elias Arreguin

“Cleaning my room because it makes me happy.” -Jonathan Ponce

“My family because we do happy stuff together.” -Easton Mears

“My brother because he is nice to me.” -Diego Rangel

“My cat because he is soft and I like to pet him.” -Kaynen Mayberry

“My sister because I love her.” -Camila Ochoa

“My brother because he plays with me.” -Deytel Gamboa

“My family because they are nice to me.” -Jade Stewart

“Being clean because it makes me happy.” -Christian Fox



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