Senior Spotlight: Evelyn Virrueta Aleman


Evelyn was born February 24th, 2005 in Michoacán, Mexico. Her parents are Jessica Aleman and Felix Virrueta. She has 3 siblings, Kathy (14), Sofia (6), and Felix (1 month). She has attended Itasca since 5th grade. Evelyn wants to attend SFA university to get her AI certification and be an Equine Dentist. In her four years at IHS, Evelyn has been an active participant in school-wide activities, such as a member of FFA, cross country runner, track, Band, NHS, and Student Council. Her advice to the underclassmen is “Enjoy your time, try new things, and join FFA!” Evelyn’s favorite teachers are Coach Gibson and Mrs. Chapman, and her role models are her twin cousins. The person who has made the biggest difference in her life is Mrs. Chapman. She would like to thank her and her family for getting her this far.  In 10 years, Evelyn sees herself as a successful contributing member of the agricultural industry improving the life of livestock and growing cows on the moon. She would also want to create a profitable foundation to help immigrant students.