Hillsboro Unified Tae Kwon Do School held testing

 On September 17th, students and instructors from the Hillsboro Unified Tae Kwon Do School were pleased to have Grand Master B.K. Park from Houston, Texas come and test our students.  Grand Master Park is co-founder of Unified Tae Kwon Do.


It was a very exciting day, as Turtle Cadets, 3,4 and 5 year olds, performed moves and broke boards to earn stars and chevrons.
Belt system students, ages 6 and above, performed patterns, sparred, and broke boards. Black Belts performed patterns, created board breaking techniques and sparring to earn new stars for their Black Belts.


If you looking for a sport that ALL family members can participate at the same time, ages 3 and above, Hillsboro Unified Tae Kwon Do School is what you are looking for.

WE focus on concentration,  respect, building self-confidence, focus as well as mental and physical fitness as well as having lots of fun.


Check us out at www.hillsborotkd.com or give us a call at 817-637-9261.