Meet the Teacher: Tevin Reese


Full Name: Tevin Karnell Reese

Place of Birth: Temple, Texas

College: Baylor University

For What? Human Health and Education

Year Graduated: 2014

Subject Teaching: Credit Recovery

Describe yourself in 3 words: Energetic, punctual, open minded

Hometown: Waco, TX

High School: Waco High School

Something unique about yourself: He used to play in the NFL

What inspires you to teach: Goal of helping kids graduate

Advice to High Schoolers going into the real world: “Don’t let what you can’t control, control you.”

Hobbies:  going out to eat, spending time with his family, and playing sports like tennis

If you didn’t teach, what would you be doing? Business owner 

Role models:  Mother and coaches

How long have you taught? 8 years

What school were you at prior? Waco ISD

Why’d you choose Itasca? I chose Itasca because of a job opportunity and I love how much the community supports the students.