Meet the Teacher: Ryan Looper


Full Name: Ryan Looper

Place of Birth: Fort Worth, Texas

College: North Western State

What for? Music Business

Year Graduated: 2015

Subject Teaching: Graphic Design

Why? Creative Industry Interests

Children: None

Describe yourself in 3 words: Creative, Determined, Passionate

Hometown: Cleburne, Texas

High School: Cleburne High School

Something unique about yourself: Been playing saxophone since 2004 (18 y/o)

Extracurricular in High School: Band

College: Band

What inspires you to teach? Getting students to be interested in Media Design

Advice to High Schoolers going into the real world: Always be open to do new things. 

Hobbies: Gaming and playing music

If you didn’t teach, what would you be doing? Working in Film Audio 

Role Model as a kid: Father

Role Model as an Adult: Co-workers

Pets: 2 cats

How long have you been teaching? 1st year teaching

Why did you choose Itasca? Allowed to learn how to teach and close to home