“What I’m Thankful For”… High School Edition

What Im Thankful For... High School Edition

“What I’m Thankful For… FRESHMAN”

“Ms. Johnson and people buying me snacks.”- Billy Day

“Being Alive and my family supporting me.” – Alvin Thao

“My boyfriend, my family, friends, my dog, my home and food.”- Elsa Carrillo

“My dogs, parents, and food.”- Sarah Lacy

“My family, friends, animals, being alive, being healthy, free education, clouds, food, my hair, field trips, water, phones, music, drawing and trees.”- Brianna Serrett

“My family, friends, Leah, and McDonalds.”- Tatiana Charles

“My family, girlfriend, friends, and everything that has happened and came with my life.”- Alyssa Arellano

“My life and for my family.”- Santiago F

“My family.”- Aydan V

“My boyfriend, Pedro Hernandez. I am also thankful for my mom, she’s working really hard to make things for my upcoming quince.” – Alyssia S.

“My mother and all the moms.”- Roy Perales

“God’s creation, my family, and friends.”- Anya Mays

“My new friends and my family.”- Ilexis F

“Everything I have in my life, especially my family.”- Selma

“New friends and my family.”-  Aleyna Murphy

“What I’m Thankful For… SOPHOMORES”

“Everyone that comes to school. “-Michael Flores.

“Not dying at the haunted house last night. “- Melonie Brooks

“The chainsaw not having a blade in the haunted house.” – Leeann Soule

“For my new friends. “- Henry Bowman

“Family/Friends.” – Emily Persons

“Family and Friends. “- Aleigha Rodriguez

“Friends, Family, Sports, Good Academics, Food, and her puppy.” – Kaliss Sarli

“Life. “- Aydan Brown

“Friends, Family, and my school. “- Nick Baker

“Parents.” – Brayden Mecham

“Friend/boyfriend Brandon for being there for anything I need or being there just for me to talk with someone.” – Eleanna Sanchez

“God and my family.” – David Torres

“My girlfriend/Emma. “- Maddox Abrego

“Family, friends, and my amazing boyfriend.” – Alana Wyly

“Amani’s Daddy, My family, God, and my nieces & nephews.” – Buddy Jackson

“My beautiful girlfriend. “- Jon Winchester

“Family. – “Justin Ludwig

“Food, Friends, and Family. – Robert Ford

“Friends and family helped me through a lot. My parents play a very big role in my life. – Joseph Gurrusquieta

“Friends, family, the people that surround me. “- Lillian Johnson

“Friends, family, and living another year. “- Jamie Johnson

My parents and my dog. “- Haylie Montero 

¨I am thankful for friends, sports, and family.¨ – Caden Littlejohn

¨I am thankful for my family, friends and sports and also Willie Earl Jackson III¨ – Kori Shaw

¨For Maddox¨ – Heath Mays 

“For My best friends, family and God.” – Madi Middleton


“What I’m Thankful For… JUNIORS”

“I’m thankful I’m still standing”- Kolton Delaney

“Friends and Family.”- Jacob Whitlock 

“Being alive, and hopeful I am alive for many more years.” – Eric Hernandez 

“My family and friends.” – Makayla Aston

“My family for helping me get to where I’m at right now and my friends for helping me through my hard times and making my day better when I’m having a bad day.”-Ben Day

“Every single person in my life, Duck season, my country, and food.” – Kaden Cordell

“My family”- Daniel Solis

“My girlfriend, my family, my cats, friends, and my life.”- Zach Brooks

“What I’m Thankful For… SENIORS”

“My family, friends that have gotten me to my senior year, my first niece and nephew, and being released from my injury that happened last year.” – Chick Jackson

“My family, the lord, and my life, and everyone present in my life.” – Alex Andrade 

“Being in this world, having Alex in my life, and both of our families. – Sandra Diaz

“My brother and sisters.” – Natalia Savala

“Family, Friends, Sports, Education, Money.” – Daniela Chavez

“My girl. She is a little  mean but it’s fine.” – Brandon Garza

“Family, for my wonderful girlfriend Evelyn because she takes care of our kid and does a great job at it.” – Franklin Medrano

“My parents because they help me a lot, My boyfriend Franklin because he works very hard to provide for our little family.” – Evelyn Montero

“My parents helped me over time and the teachers too, for teaching me with the education I need, my compass for helping me and unas buenas chiodos.” – Miguel Gonzalez 

“Friends and family and life.” – Caden Goheen

“I am thankful for everybody in my life, sports, god, and my family for pushing me to be the best I can be.” – Braylon Stafford