“I’m Thankful For… Junior High Edition”

Im Thankful For... Junior High Edition

“What I’m Thankful For… 6TH GRADE”

“My family, friends, my dog, Jesus, and everything in the world” – Axel Gomez

“My parents taking care of me” – Dylan Novian

“Knowledge” – Shon Dawkins

“My mom, grandma, my girl, my life, and basketball” – Emaury Jaylen Rodriguez

“Walking and breathing” – Gael Gamboa

“My life” – Bryson Rodriguez 

“My family, friends, being alive, and my saxophone” – Miguel Esqueda

“My Dad being here“- Wyatt

“Life, family, friends, pets, and AB and Miguel” – Christian Leal

“My parents”- Gabriel Match

“My friends, family, holidays, my pets (cows, goats, old penelope), food, school, my horse, house clothes, mall, gymnastics, sports and music” – Daniella Risinger

“My mom, family, brothers, bestfriends (Ann Marie, Daniella, Yleyan, Allison, Brynlee, Jonathan, Bryson, AB, Nakaya, Aubree, Addyson, Abby), food, water, my bed, music, school, my home and my dogs” – Summer Baker

“Food, sleep, God, church, and school “- Natalie Nolasco

“My teacher, family and friends. They guide me through my life and I don’t know what I would do without them), food, sleep, and God” – Gabriel Cundall

“Having a mom and a dad “- Ben H.

“My friends, family, and food “- Emery Wood

“My parents, my friends, and I am thankful for my existence” – Bryson Reeves

“A phone, a roof over my head, and my family” – Giselle

“ I’m thankful for my family and what they provide for me, and my friends for supporting me when I am sad”- Brynlee R.

“My friends, and having my teachers”- Jonathan Olivarez

“My family, friends, and food”- Nikaya West

“Life and everything in it”- Matthew Brown

“Having a mom, life, food, a phone, clothes, friends, and family”- Allison Osorno

“My family, friends, and all my pets”- Traci Cain

“To be alive, my family, friends, food, lemonaid, dogs, and olive garden”- Scarlett Johnson

“Everything”- Marrin O.

“My family, God, dogs, heaven, sports, the life I have, ice cream, food, and that my family loves me”- Dawson Mears

“God, my dogs, Dawson, and basketball”- Heaven Stewart

“My family, my life, my dogs, baseball, food, and God”- Jaxon Ferrell

“My mom, because she is always there for me when I need her, she buys me nice clothes, and because she’s the one who brought me into this world, so without her I would not be here today”- Addyson Brown

“My family, my school, my house, and the stuff that I have”- Lidia Ordonez

“God and the church”- Eli Gillaspie

“Everything I have” – Mikayla Govea

“My family, my friends, my pets, my home, food, water, my school, teachers, and my bed”- Ann’Marie Baxter

“What I’m Thankful For… 7TH GRADE”

“I’m thankful for my family” – Serenity Mullens

“I am thankful for getting class to us and show us all the work and to get us grade.- Maynor Amderez 

“Reed, Itasca, Room 3, My family, and everyone in my 3rd period class, Keanu Reeves” – Victor

“My friends and family because my family gave birth and my friends helped me change the world” – Zakhian

“For having friends” – Reed Tidwell

“Phase” – Keith Long

“I am thankful my family and friend and I am really thankful for my teacher” – Julia

“Food” – Bryson Luiso

“Family and friends” – Leyla Moreno

“For not being born in the UK and not being always hungry” – Aidan Godsey

“Friends and family” – Galilea Chavez

“Family and food” – Gage Basset

“Friends and family” – Zakhiah

“Being alive” – Brayden Snyder

“Living, my mom not looking at my grades” – Donavin Chenforter

“What I’m Thankful For… 8TH GRADE”

“My dad for pushing me to my limits and helping me in life” – Matthew

“Having my best friends” – Caleb Morales

“My family, my home, and for my best friend” – Leah Moreno

“Food” – Aubrey Middleton

“My dog and games” – Pedro Jose Hernandez

“My Ps4 and having a great family” – Cesar Macias

“Video games” – Jayden R.

“My life, sports, and myself” – Yannisa Diaz

“Mom, dad, and family” – Austin Pearson

“Being alive, family, and a lot of other stuff” -Zavion Houston

“My friends and family” – Braxtin Day

“My dad for everything he has done and my mom¨ – Brayden Daniel 

¨My mom, my friends, and family¨ – Tatum Abrego

¨Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, my family/friends, and not dying¨ – Gabriel

¨Not dying¨ – Johnnie

¨Life, my family, my unalienable rights¨ – Jayden George

¨My online mother always being there for me and being the only reason I’m sane.¨ – Keith Johnston

¨My mom and my girlfriend, they both help me when I’m sad and they show that they actually care. I love both of them with all my heart¨ – Chloe Lara 

¨My family and friends. Love them with all my heart¨ – Jasee Linder

¨My family, friends, a home, food, and overall my life because even though it can be hard things can get better¨ – Michelle Alvarez

¨For me and the things I have done¨ – Fedra Garza

¨My friends, family, and my animals¨ – Charly 

“Everything¨ – Malakhi

“My parents, sports, school, and my athletic ability”- Gavin Wood

“My momma, I wouldn’t have made it without her, and I mean yeah, we’ve had our moments but she is amazing, im grateful to have her for never giving up on me, and I couldn’t thank her enough, she’s amazing and I love her”- Naeomi Salais

“My family and everything I have”- Jacob Gurrusquieta

“Making it through summer and for my friends, uncle, and sisters”- Grace Soria

“My life, because I could wake up today to live another day, my family, because we’re healthy, we have a roof to stay under, and because we have food”- Lilliam Sandoval

“My friends, family, and church because they are always there for me”- Destiny Owen

“Having people that care about me”- Crystal Aguillon

“My family, teachers, and that I’m still having fun in life”- Alex M

“Myself, because I am awesome”- Jordyn Adcock

“Coach Hines, Coach G, Coach Mears, money, love, sleep, food, my teachers, myself, my friends, and my foster parents”- Aliyah Hamilton

“My family and everything I have”- Romeo Saldierna

“Jordyn, my mom, coaches, and Grace”- Salome Chavez

“Fishing”-Cutter Cox