Prayers to the University of Idaho


University of Idaho President Scott Green said the four students near campus on Sunday are “believed to be victims of homicide” in a Monday statement.

Police in Moscow, Idaho, around noon on Sunday of 2022, received a report of an unconscious person on king road- near the university golf course adjacent to Greek Row- and located the four deceased students upon arrival.

“It is with deep sadness that I share with you that the university was notified today of the death of four University of Idaho students living off-campus believed to be victims of homicide,” Green said in a Monday statement.

The Moscow Police Department does not believe there is an active threat to the community at this time, and the university is assisting police in its investigation, Green added. The school is offering counseling services to students seeking support after the tragedy. “An event of this magnitude can understandably have significant impacts on those left behind,” Green said.


As we hear about the tragedy that has happened at the University of Idaho. Take time to yourself to think about the loved ones around you today! If you or even a loved one has been having trouble mentally or even physically please seek help! Help is available!


Suicide & Crisis helpline: Dial 988


Much Prayers to the University of Idaho!