Meet the Editors: The SENIOR DUO- Sandra and Gabby

Do you drive to school? What was your most listened to driving son on your morning commute this year?

-“Yes, we listen to the radio. 106.1 The Kid Kraddick Morning Show.”- Sandra

-“No I don’t, but I listen to Normal Girl by Sia”.- Gabby

Which school tradition are you most proud of?

“Having a Division I Rating in Band for 28 years.”- Sandra

“Since I am a cheerleader, I would say doing the Itasca Fight Song and School Song.”- Gabby

Would students be more productive if cell phones were banned during school hours?

“No, because need to listen to music to be more concentrated and active.”- Sandra

” I would say no because some of us need music to concentrate.”- Gabby

What’s your favorite school lunch?

“Pizza.”- Sandra & Gabby

Should the school have or keep vending machines?

“Keep, but add snacks because people get hungry during school.”- Sandra

“They should keep, and have more of them.”- Gabby

What’s your most embarrassing in school memory? What happened and did you¬† learn anything from it?

“On my birthday, I fell down the senior common stairs and hoped no one saw me.” – Sandra

“Choosing the wrong boys. To focus on school and getting good grades.”- Gabby

Do you have a favorite class/teacher?

“Yes, Mrs. Mears- Yearbook/PPP”- Sandra & Gabby

You can bring any three of your classmates on a cross-country road trip in your family’s hatchback: who would you choose and why?

“Alex, Gabby, and Miguel because of course Alex, I’ll take him everywhere with me. We love Gabby, and Miguel is a handy man and is funny.” – Sandra

“Sandra, Natalia, and Makala. It will be so much fun, and we would have a blast!”- Gabby

What is a life lesson you have learned so far in high school?

“Don’t wait to think about what you want for your career, have some options open.”- Sandra

“To never give up on your dreams, and to keep pushing when things get hard.”- Gabby