Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department Hosted Mass Casualty Incident

Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department, Peoria Volunteer Fire Department, and the Itasca Volunteer Fire Department conducted a Mass Casualty Incident training on November 12, 2022 from 9 am- 4pm at the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department. This training was instructed by Bryant Sanderson and Melford Slack, who both are Field Supervisors with CareFlite. CareFlite taught how to set up a triage and treat patients as they are being rescued. The training also covered collapsed building scenarios.

“All of these volunteers took time out of their Saturday to gain knowledge needed to better serve and protect the citizens of Hill County and other places they are called to do so. The sacrifices the volunteers emergency personnel, not only in Hill County, not just Texas, but around the country serving their communities is unreal. There are a lot of people that do not realize the sacrifices these type of individuals make. A special thank you to Branded Burger Co in Hillsboro for the lunch they donated for the fire fighters, volunteers, and instructors that attended the training. Aiden Slack, Abigail Slack, Noah Sparks, Dillon Reid, and Pipper Naven volunteered to play the role of victims to aid in the effectiveness of the training. Thank you to the The Hillsboro Department of Public Safety for filling the bottles for the air packs that were used to allow the fire fighters the opportunity to train, while rescuing victims and fighting fires.”