Rockdale Welding Contest Results

Rockdale Welding Contest Results

On Thursday, November 17th, senior- Evelyn Virrueta, juniors- Tomas Castillo, Joe Weaver, Emmanuel Fragoso, and freshman- Gunner Slagle went to the welding certification/competition in Rockdale! ALL 5 PASSED THEIR AWS WELD TESTS. 3 in D9.1-2F and 2 in D9.1-3F. These tests were proctored by certified welding inspectors.

Tomas placed second in D9.1 Test, while also getting a scholarship to an underwater welding school! Way to go Tomas!

Also, they got the opportunity to cut and weld with current pipeline welders and learn a few cool tricks while they waited to take they’re tests.

At these last 2 competitions/certification events we have PASSED 8/9 AWS WELD TESTS ATTEMPTED!

Keep up the hard work!