Hillsboro Unified Tae Kwon Do School Test for Advancement

A very exciting day was enjoyed by all as Grand Master Scott Alexander traveled from Houston to attend our winter grading. Turtle Cadets (3, 4 and 5 year old’s) tested for stars and chevron, beginners, intermediate and advanced students texted for new belts. Each student in the belt system are required to preform at least 2 patterns, spar and break boards.

If you looking for a sport that ALL family members can participate in at the same time and be equal, Hillsboro Unified Tae Kwon Do School is what your looking for. We focus on concentration, respect, building self-confidence, exercise, member skills and focus as well as fitness and lots of fun .

Please visit our web-site www.hillsborotkd.com or call or text 817 637 9261 for more information.