Hill County Fair Results for Itasca



Joe Weaver: 16th place Broilers and Grand Champion Senior Showman Broilers.

Olivia Aguillon: 7th place Lamb

Joe Weaver: 8th place Lamb

Jaimie Rhodes: 9th place Goat

Alyssa Botello: 10th place Pig

Hannah Brackin: 14th place Pig

Dakota Manaseri: 3rd place Steer. Reserve Champion Senior Showman Broilers.

Eleanna Sanchez: 4th place Meat Pen Rabbits

Gunner Slagle: 5th place Meat Pen Rabbits

Madi Middleton: 7th place Meat Pen Rabbits

Jeremy Rhodes: 8th place Meat Pen Rabbits

Zander Wright: 10th place Meat Pen Rabbits

Mahala Goldsmith: 2nd place Meat Breeding Doe

Tomas Castillo: 2nd and 3rd place Meat Breeding Bucks

Madison Innis: 2nd and 8th place Fancy Breeding Bucks. Finalist in Intermediate Showmanship.

Gwen Brown: 2nd place Junior Fancy Doe, 5th place Senior Fancy Buck. Finalist in Senior Showmanship.

Naomi Chavez: 1st place Junior Fancy Buck, 3rd place Junior Fancy Buck, 1st place Junior Fancy Doe, 1st place Senior Fancy Buck, 4th place Senior Fancy Buck, 1st place Senior Fancy Doe, 3rd place Senior Fancy Doe. Grand and Reserve Champion Breeding Rabbit. Grand Champion Senior Showman.

Gali Chavez: 2nd place Junior Fancy Buck, 3rd place Junior Fancy Doe, 6th place Senior Fancy Buck, 2nd place Senior Fancy Doe

Kylee Montes: Sr Fancy Doe. Finalist in Senior Showmanship

Natalie Nolasco: Sr Fancy Buck

Ag Mech-

Farm Category:

Emmanuel 4th place plasma cutting table

Tomas and Gunner 2nd place chop saw table

Joe Wyatt and Joseph 1st place welding table

Home and yard Category :

Evelyn 2nd place bar cart

Trailers Category:

Gunner, Lukas, Carlos, Tomas 8th place

Wood projects:

Dakota 1st place vanity