The Last of Us Review Part 2


Credit to HBO

Alrighty ladies and gentlemen it’s official, The Last of Us TV show produced by HBO is the best live video game adaptation to ever release. I’m not gonna sit here and talk about the stuff I’ve already gone through in my previous review, but this is just a simple look over on what has happened, and how the show is doing. I first want to start off by informing you of the reviews from various TV/Movie critics. First being IMDb rating the show at a solid 9.2 score overall, the next critic is Rotten Tomatoes rating it a 97% AVG Tomatometer and 92% AVG audience score, and the final rating from Common Sense Media is 5/5 on stars. There are several other critics that I could go over, but all end up having around the same average rating as the ones listed above.

For those who have not read my first review I strongly recommend reading it. It is not a long review, in fact I just went over a few things that happened in the first episode and some of the characters in it. Just in case you don’t want to do that I will list the main characters that we have seen so far below.

There are many characters that I am not going to list since they aren’t main or haven’t been introduced into the show yet. If you would like to see the other cast members I suggest you just go to google and look up “The Last of Us cast”, or go to HBO’s website and look at the actors there.


Joel – Pedro Pascal

Ellie – Bella Ramsey

Tess – Anna Torv

Sarah – Nico Parker

Tommy – Gabriel Luna

Bill – Nick Offerman

Frank – Murray Bartlett

I said it once I’ll say it again, this show is only on episode 4 and still has plenty of the game to cover, but they have done such an amazing job proving that a story lead video game can be adapted to a live action show, and I’m sure I’m speaking for a lot of people by saying