Itasca attends FCCLA Conference in Waco, TX


This weekend, Itasca attended our first FCCLA conference! Although we did not advance to state, I am extremely proud of these 8 students for going out of their comfort zones!


Madi Middleton

Payslie McDowell

Julia Brown

Eugene Sisior

Andorra Thao

Cynthia Torres

Jose Torrez

Amaya Brown


A few highlights:

  • During transitions, FCCLA encourages members to come directly in front of the stage to dance. There was not a single dance that Itasca was not part of! There were a few times that Itasca was the only school dancing.
  • Julia Brown interviewed FCCLA officer candidates then voted during the House of Delegates session
  • Madi Middleton was the only member at the entire conference brave enough to do a Tik Tok with FCCLA Officers
  • They all played Finish The Lyrics and sang their little hearts out
  • A few made friends with the officers and are interested in running for office next year
  • The guest speaker had a similar childhood to many of our students. Our members comforted each other when the words hit close to home and were inspired to continue to chase their dreams.
  • We learned about 3 service projects that we plan on implementing next year