What’s on Netflix? Outer Banks


The very loved show on Netflix called Outer Banks has just released a new season. On February 23,2023, Netflix added ten new episodes each being 40 or more minutes long. Season two ended in a cliff hanger and fans were impatiently waiting on the edge of their seats for a whole year to watch the remaining episodes.

You may be wondering if this new season of Outer Banks is any good? Or if you have not watched the show, what in the world are all these people raving about? This show features love, romance, drama, action, and mystery- a combination most can not resist. A group of teenagers who are called the “pogues”, (which is just the lower class of society on their island) search for missing gold that has been hidden and dangerous to search for. Along this journey of theirs is trouble; there are a lot of people out to get the gold before they do and are willing to do anything in their power to stop them, even murder.

This show is relatively good and most would agree to this, 84% of the public enjoyed the first two seasons. On a rating site, one particular person brought a good point to the subject of the deeper meaning behind OBX (Outer Banks). “Outer Banks isn’t exactly wholesome, but there is something about its sun-soaked adventure that feels emotionally authentic to the teen experience”, this is a very good observation due to the adolescent audiences nowadays. Watching something like this will be enjoyed by teenagers because of the freedom and beauty of the life these teenagers live on the television show. That can not help but be the cause of this being such a huge success.

Outer Banks is very popular for a reason, highly rated and watched. If you ever get the chance to enjoy this show you should! Life lessons and entertainment could be offered, won’t know until you try something new!