Teacher Appreciation Series #5


Mrs. Threagill- Angelina Blackmon- Freshman

Dear Ms. Threadgill

I want to thank you so much for what you have done for Itasca high school, and what you have done for the students and me. You deal with a lot, such as, planning students’ schedules, and I know that is a lot on you with the other work that you have to do, and many kids that might need to talk to you. I was one of the kids that came to you because I trusted you, and I’m glad that I did. I felt safe in the room with you, and you listened to everything that I had to say to you; I’m really happy that you could do that for me. You are most known for being the school counselor at Itasca High School, and you take on so many other roles. 

I really hope you stay our counselor for next year because I’ve never had one that has stuck around, and I want to have one for the rest of my high school years.  I hope you stay because you have done so much for me, and the school. You might not think so, but I really do appreciate your hard work Mrs. Threadgill. Everyone should thank you, and I hope they do because you deserve it. You are the best. You deserve the world. Thank you so much. 

Sincerely, Angelina Blackmon


Mrs. Sanders- Julia Brown- Freshman

For teacher appreciation week I would like to appreciate Mrs. Sanders. Mrs. Sanders’ full name is Kaleigh Sanders, and she is an amazing, beautiful teacher here at Itasca High School. Mrs. Sanders has been a teacher here at Itasca since January 2021.  This is actually her first year hosting FCCLA. Along with that, she teaches principals and health classes. Without her, I would have never gotten through the FCCLA weekend/week competition. To get to know Mrs. Sanders better I asked her a few questions about her career and some other important things about her life.

What first got Mrs. Sanders entered into teaching was her internships in college and working with CPA; she really enjoys working with teenagers. She enjoyed helping them to begin looking into careers that focused more on that. That is when Mrs. Sanders became interested in teaching. Family and consumer sciences was also her favorite subject in school. Her motivation to get through the day was her students. She says that seeing her students get excited about their learning makes her hard day’s worth it. Mrs. Sanders’ biggest inspiration is her family. Mrs. Sanders biggest challenge in college was balancing her work life, school life, and her kids. Her biggest struggle as a teacher is keeping students engaged and accountable. Mrs. Sanders says the easiest thing as a teacher for her is “celebrating students”. Teaching is one of the hardest jobs she has ever had, but watching students accomplish things (no matter how big or small) is the best/easiest part! Her favorite thing to do outside of school is spending time with her loving family. Mrs. Sanders favorite thing about herself is that others feel accepted for who they are around her. Her favorite things about school are the unique mascot, the close knit community, and the many opportunities to learn something new. Mrs. Sanders’ three favorite things outside of school are her family, reading, and traveling. Mrs. Sanders’ biggest accomplishment is her family! On a scale of 1 – 10 she enjoys her job here at Itasca an 8. She loves being a Wampus Cat and all the students have a special place in her heart! She wishes students would take more pride in the school, though. Mrs. Sanders feels like if we had more students with school spirit, we could go really far! Mrs. Sanders has one of the most caring souls here at Itasca. She is an amazing teacher, and I really appreciate her. Mrs. Sanders treats us like we are one of her own and without a doubt if you walk into her classroom, she will always make you feel comfortable and welcomed. She is kind and gentle, and without her  here, Itasca High school would never be the same.

Mrs. Enger- Marlyn Jacobo- Freshman

Mrs. Enger is a teacher at Itasca ISD High School. She teaches English 1, she is very kind and sweet, and I’d like to appreciate her by interviewing her with these questions:

Question 1: How long have you been teaching? Mrs.Enger- “I began teaching in the fall of 1972 in Waco, Texas. The years have passed very quickly, and it seems like it was only yesterday. “

Question 2: What is your favorite book? Mrs. Enger- “There are many books that I treasure: The King James Bible, The Odyssey, Aristotle Poetic and Rhetoric, and the Old Norse Poetic Edda. “

Question 3: When is your birthday? Mrs. Enger- “My birthday is June 10.”

Question 4: What is your favorite food? Mrs. Enger- “I love chicken enchiladas, pizza, and ice cream from Braums.”

Question 5: “Do you like to teach? If so, why do you teach? Mrs. Enger- “Yes, I love teaching. As a seventh grader, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. I was fortunate to have excellent teachers and in addition, my family encouraged me to follow this path. I have no regrets.”

Question 6: What is your greatest challenge as a teacher? Mrs. Enger- “My greatest challenge was and still is working to keep up with ever changing technology.”

Question 7: What’s your favorite color? Mrs. Enger- “My favorite color is blue, but I love all colors. I especially enjoy looking now at the beautiful blue spring flowers along the roadside.”

Question 8: What are your hobbies? Mrs. Enger- “My favorite hobby is photography. I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography and love to take all different kinds of pictures, especially landscapes and either early in the morning or sunset.”

Question 9: What’s your favorite song? Mrs. Enger- “I have many favorites, but I love hearing anything by Willie Nelson, The Eagles and George Strait.”

Question 10: What is your proudest accomplishment? Mrs Enger- “Some people might say that teaching over 50 years is a wonderful accomplishment and I am very thankful for having had that opportunity. In addition to my elementary, middle and high school, and college teachers, my students have been my greatest teachers. Especially to Baylor University, special thanks to them too and for all the accomplishments I have done.  All my students have helped me endeavor to learn patience, flexibility, and the key to life understanding.”

Thank you so much for letting me interview you Mrs. Enger and just know that I appreciate you a bunch, I could never ask for a better English Teacher. Thanks for always helping me along the way, and keep pushing me to work hard. I appreciate you Mrs. Enger!