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The Student News Site of Itasca High School. Proudly serving Itasca the "Big, Little" town since 1997.

The Paw Print Press

The Student News Site of Itasca High School. Proudly serving Itasca the "Big, Little" town since 1997.

The Paw Print Press

I’m Thankful For… “Junior High Edition”


“Our amazing school and our wonderful school spirit. I love the Paw Print Press, there is so much to see, and my mom does the Paw Print Press.” -Konnor Mears

“My family for taking good care of me and feeding me. Teachers too because they have been teaching me everything that they learn.”-Bryston Prescott

“The comfort of my teachers when I walk into school, and the yummy food when I get home. The blessed week I get to spend with  my family and friends.” -Adalyn Strona

“My mom because she provides for me, and she helps me with my school work and keeps me happy.” -Caroline Ramirez

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“My mom, my dad, friends, family, teachers and food.”-Toby Clendening

“My families and friends. Also, thankful for shelter and the food that my parent’s give me. Also thankful for the memories that I have had.” -Brayden Miller

“My friends, family, and for all God did for me and everyone else in the whole world.” -Clara Fragoso

“My mom, my sisters, my dogs, my grandma, my uncles, my aunts, and last but not least my friend. -Isabell Ponce

“My house. I love my house. I have my own room, and my own tv, my own gaming system and AC. I have a nice living room and kitchen, and that’s why I think I’m most grateful for my house.” -Karson Trejo

“Roof over my head, and food on the table. I am grateful for my family and friends, and I am very grateful for a school that educates us.” -Eliel Morales

“For friends.”- Nash Cox

“Zach Bryan and my friends and family.” – Serenity Mozon

“My family, friends, and school.” – Isaiah Rios

“My family, friends, and a roof over my head.” -Joey Gonzalez

“Having a family that cares about me and all of my friends. Mr. Patterson, Mr. Rice, and Mr. Patterson for being here and being my teachers!” -Tanith Baxter

“God because He is the one who helps me whenever I have a test and stuff.” -Elias Hernandez

“My freedom, my principal that did her service, and my teachers.”- Jaylin Corona

“My parents, my friends, my siblings, food, drinks, all the veterans that give us freedom, and I am very grateful that my parents pay the bills and afford fun things.” -Ronin Chabot

“My mom because she teaches me life lessons. My grandmother because she teaches me how to do housework and entertain guests. I am also thankful for my cats because they help me get through hard times. Lastly, I am thankful for all of my teachers because they help me when I need help with a problem.” – Joyce McBride

“Being alive, gas, for the people who served our country.-just knowing someone is putting their life on the line so kids can go to school.” -Fabian Morales

“My mom, papa, nana, a roof over my head, for food, my friends, my family, and my teachers.” -Kaci Burden

“For being in this school and having friends and amazing teachers, and food.” -Lilian Diaz

“My family, food, life, and baseball.” -Caleb R.

“All of my loved ones and for the great school that I go to. For my house and country. Thankful for the people that serve our country.” -Athan Flores.

“My family, friends, teachers, Christmas, Nike.” -Khloe Perkins

“I’m thankful to be a Swiftie.” -Landry B.

“Food, friends, reptile inc, family, and technology.” -Matthew Hurt

“All of my family and friends. I get to have an education, shelter, and food.” -Lily Chabot

“My family for being there for me.”- Macie Rodriguez

“Sports and for God, friends, and family.” -Stephen Crooks

“Having a home and a mom, and good education. I know some people don’t have things that we have, so I am very thankful for what I have.” -Aya Saad

“My mom and dad.” -Gabriel Mata

“Having the opportunity to receive an education.” -Emery Wood

“Everything in my life.” -Allison Osorno

“My family, the stuff I have, food, house, four wheeler, pond, and fishing gear.” -Ben H.

“Food and family.” -Ari Britt

“My family, bae, friends, and my dog Milo.” -Nikaya

“My dog, friends, and family.” -Ruty Hernandez

“For God and Jesus.” -Eli G.

“My friends, home, parents, and siblings.” -Miguel Guzman

“Having a great family and great friends,” -Jose Hernandez

“Friends and family.” – Riley L.

“Waking up today, having talent and a brain, my family, Roblox, my phone, school, the earth, music, legs and arms, freedom, pride, maturity, amazing teachers, having a voice, my room, and a life to be thankful for.”-Rileigh S.

“My family that always come to my games when I ask them. I’m thankful for still living, and for Veterans for serving our country.” -Mi’Kayla Govea

“My family and loved ones. Also, for my life and how beautiful it is and how you can learn good and bad things from it. I’m also thankful for my friends.” -Peyton Nelson

“My family, this great school, the Itasca community, the church I go to, sports, house, and clothes that God let me have.” -Dawson Mears

“Thankful for my family and everything they did for me. For God, my teachers, friends, and having a good life.” -Angelow Perez

“My mom, dad, brothers, and family.” -Isaiah Villarreal

“Having a loving family that feeds and takes care of me.” -Jordi Rodriguez

“The life that God gave me, all the things my family has done for me, my friends, the roof over my head and the food that my mom and grandma provides me. For all the siblings I get to play with and all the stuff my family gives me.” -Matthew Brown

“My family and older sister because she has taught me a lot.” -Heidy Morales

“My family and friends.” -Heaven W.

“Hello Kitty, God, my family and animals.” -Elena Mares

“My family, God, and my mom because those are the most important things to me.” -Lailah

“Jesus,” -Bryson Trejo

“My family and friends.” -Leyla Moreno

“My family and friends. I am thankful for Jesus and my home, clothes, shoes, education, and basketball.” -Jaelyn Marshall

“God/Jesus, my family like my daddy, momma, and sisters. Also, my friends and sports, as well as, water.” -Morgan Oliver

“My family, house, education, friends and food.” -Emilia F.

“Mrs. Darlene, my family, and Adrian. I love every one of them.” -Amy Diaz

“My family, friends, and teachers.” -Brenna M.

“The pets I have at home, and my friends and family.” -Leah Mecham

“My friends, family, and community that’s around me.” -Galilea Chavez


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