Itasca High School had a “Bid Day” celebration to commemorate “Rush Week”- September 26- September 30th. Students were able to explore all the school clubs and organizations that Itasca has to offer.  Thursday, September 30th, the staff and students came together to celebrate those organizations and the students that participate in them!

Sponsors, leaders and advisors recognized the members of their clubs and organizations. 



Sponsored by Mrs. Jeansonne and Mr. Looper.  Esports meets after school, and they are working on creating a competing UIL team. We play League of Legends, Valorant, Super Smash Bros, and Mario kart. We have also added Apex Legends. 

The following students were recognized for their participation in the club this year:

Hong Ren, Arekxy Quiros Crisanto, Jesus Castillo-Santos, Joe Gutierrez, Andrew Forester,

Tyler Griffith, Jeffrey Thomas, Joseph Woody, Aleyna Guadalupe-Murphy, Kaden Cordell,  Kolton

Delaney, Nick Baker, Robert Ford, Andres Cruz, Justin Ludwig, Heath Mays, Jeremy Rhodes, Eri

c Hernandez Medrano, and Gavin Sewell.



Sponsored by Mrs. Sanders. FCCLA members make a difference in their families, careers, and communities by addressing important personal, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education.

The following students were recognized for their participation in the club this year:

Amaya Brown – Spotlight on Projects Families First; Chapter Officer

Julia Brown – Star Event

Daniela Chavez – Local events

Joseph Gurrusquieta- Competitive Events Don’t Announce

Brianna Serrett – Family & Consumer Sciences Assessment

Alex Sigala – Family & Consumer Sciences Assessment Food Science Don’t Announce

Eugene Sisior – Spotlight on Projects – Career Connections Don’t Announce

Andorra Thao – Spotlight on Projects – Career Connections; Chapter Officer

Cynthia Torres – Spotlight on Projects Families First

Jose Torrez  – Spotlight on Projects Families First

Jessica Baskett – Competitive Events

Brooklyn Oglesby – Competitive Events Don’t Announce

Abigail Gurrusquieta- Local Events

Maryann Lopez – Local Events

Madi Middleton – Competitive Events

Justin Oglesby – Competitive Events

Payslie McDowell – Competitive Events

J’Rhiana Jones – Local Events


Sponsored by Mrs. Chapman and Mr. Bronar. The FFA is a youth organization that changes lives and prepares members for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. There will be 7 LDE teams this year consisting of 18 members. FFA will have practice competitions coming up in October and district LDE is November 9th.

FFA has 22 exhibitors planning to exhibit over 30 projects this year at the county fair. And in the spring, they will also have prepared public speakers, Ag mech shows, CDEs and much more. The Itasca FFA continues to grow.

The following students were recognized for their participation in the club this year:

Ayden Abbott- Greenhand Skills Ag mech

Wyatt Beam- Ag Mech

Alyssa Botello- Quiz Team, Pig and a CDE

Hannah Brackin- Ag Skills and Pig Entomology

Gwen Brown- Quiz team and Rabbits Entomology

Tomas Castillo- Ag Mech, Spanish Creed Rabbits, Prepared Speaking

Hector Castillo- Ag Mech

Naomi Chavez- Ag Skills Rabbits, Entomology Prepared Speaking, Ag Mech

Joseph Davis- Radio Team

Carlos Delgado- Ag Mech and a CDE

Emmanuel Fragoso- Ag Mech, rabbits, and a CDE

Mahala Goldsmith- Senior Creed and rabbits

Dakota Manaseri- Radio Team Prepared Speaking, a CDE, Steer

Madi Middleton- Quiz team and Market Rabbits Prepared Public Speaking

Kylee Montes- Greenhand skills, Rabbits Prepared Speaking

JT Morris- Public relations team

Lukas Nieto- Ag Mech

Justin Oglesby- Rabbits

Roy Perales- Quiz Team

Jeremy Rhodes- Market rabbits

Sirena Runyon- Lamb

Eleanna Sanchez- Market rabbits

Gunner Slagle- Greenhand skills, Ag mech, Market Rabbits Prepare Speaking and a CDE

Kathy Virrueta- Ag skills, Rabbits Prepared speaking and a CDE

Evelyn Virrueta- Aleman- Public relations Spanish Creed, Rabbits Ag mech, Prepared speaking and Entomology

Joseph Weaver- Ag mech Radio team, Lambs chickens, and Prepared speaking

Joseph Willman- Ag mech, Pig

Zander Wright- Market Rabbits

Officer team for their service this year is…

Evelyn, President. Naomi, Vice President. Kathy, Secretary. Joe, Treasurer. Gunner, Reporter. 


Sponsored by Mrs. Corbitt. “One Act Play” is where students perform a short play with district competition in the spring. Advancement through Bi-District, Area, Region, and State are possible.

The following students were recognized for their participation in the club this year:


Kassandra Aguillion Villa

Gwen Brown

Naomi Chavez

Robert Cisneros

Charlsie Ferrell

Tyler Griffith

Selma Hajdarevic

Arekxy Quiros

Yocelin Salazar

Andorra Thao

Davion Wilson

Ilexis Flores



April Battleson

Henry Bowman

Joseph Davis

Robert Ford

Dakota Manaseri

Madi Middleton


Tabletop Games

Sponsored by Mrs. Luther. This is a screen-free , chill environment where students can teach their peers their favorite tabletop games. 

The following students were recognized for their participation in the club this year:

Landon Adair, Henry Bowman, Gwen Brown, Jesus Castillo, Charlsie Daniels, Robert Ford, Tyler Griffith, Aleyna G. Murphy, Abigail Gurrusquieta, Eric Hernandez, Jamie Johnson, Lillian Johnson, Dakota Manaseri, Krystal Monares, JT Morris, Savannah Northcutt, Justin Oglesby, Alyssia Sanchez, Eugene Sisior, Wesley Stinemetze, Brannon Teague, Andorra Thao, Kaden Ward, Jacob Whitlock, Joseph Woody, and Madeline Younger.




Sponsored by Mrs. Corbitt, along with Mrs. Mears, Mrs. Lunsford, Mrs. Speer, and Mr. Looper. We have 20+ Academic events including speech, debate, journalism, math, science, social studies and more.

The following students were recognized for their participation in UIL this year:

Charlsie Ferrell – Congressional Debate, LD Debate, Accounting

Madi Middleton – Congressional Debate

April Battleson – Congressional Debate, Spelling & Vocabulary

Carlos Delgado – Congressional Debate

Wesley Stinemetzer – Congressional Debate

Sarah Lacy – Journalism

Evelyn Virrueta – Journalism

Elsa Carrillo – Journalism, Current Events

Madeline Younger – Journalism, Science, Mathematics

Andorra Thao – Copy Editing, Social Studies, Mathematics, Calculator

Eugene Sisior – Copy Editing

Dakota Manaseri – Copy Editing, Accounting

Lilian Johnson – Social Studies

Jaimie Johnson – Social Studies

Brannon Teague – Social Studies

Payslie McDowell – Social Studies

Landon Adair – Science, Mathematics

Alvin Thao – Computer Science, Spelling & Vocabulary, Mathematics, Number Sense, Calculator

Amaya Brown – Spelling & Vocabulary, Persuasive Speaking

Adan Garcia – Spelling & Vocabulary

Julia Brown – Spelling & Vocabulary, Ready Writing, Persuasive Speaking

Robert Cisneros – Ready Writing

Jocelyn Cisneros – Persuasive Speaking

Yocelin Salazar – Persuasive Speaking

Haylyn Barnard – Oral Interp Prose/Poetry

Robert Ford – Mathematics, Calculator

Colt Rhea – Mathematics, Number Sense, Calculator

Kayd Lightsey – Mathematics

Jesus Castillo – Mathematics

Kaden Ward – Number Sense

Hong Ren – Calculator

Ilexis Flores – Accounting, Film

Angelica Chavez – Film

Henry Bowman – Film

Paw Print Press/Yearbook

Sponsored by Mrs. Mears.  The Paw Print Press is an online only, student-led newspaper covering the Wampus Cat Nation. Students also have the opportunity to express their creativity through our podcast and caricatures/cartoons. The yearbook is a wonderful opportunity for members of the team to exercise their creativity, while developing new skills in computer design, photography, copywriting, and project management.

The following students will were recognized for their participation in these clubs this year:

Current Paw Print Press & Yearbook Staff Members:

Taylor Arellano

April Battleson

Amaya Brown

Isabella Gauna

Noona McGee

Daisy Morantes

Marisa Ramos

Mahala Goldsmith

Briana Grant

Payslie McDowell

Lizbeth Morales-Guzman

Henry Bowman

Michelle Chavez

CJ Marshall

Krystal Monares

Makala Rodriguez

Wesley Stinemetze

Jakayrie Jones


Current Editors:

Sandra Diaz

Gabby Rodriguez

Michelle Crawford

Tyler Griffith

Joseph Willman

Dakota Manaseri

The following students have met all the requirements and will be a part of this program next year…….

 Joseph Gurrusquieta

Kolton Delaney

Kaden Cordell

Alvin Thao

AC Cruz

What a great day to be a Wampus Cat!