“I’m Thankful For… ELEMENTARY EDITION PK-2nd”

Im Thankful For... ELEMENTARY EDITION PK-2nd

“I’m Thankful For… PRE-KINDERGARTEN”

Mrs. Chrystal-

“My friend Oliver.”-Miles Hudson

“My friend Julian, and going to play at the park.”-Carlos Toj Ramos

 “My dad, ice cream, and my momma.”-Esther Chajal Lopez

“My mom, my dad, my bubba, my sister, my horse and ponies, and my rabbits.”-Brylee Scallions

“Paw Patrol, Spiderman, my mom, and my toys.”-Ava Sarli

“My dad, my mom, my brother, my dog, and my teachers.”-Paisleigh Perkins

“My mom and dad, sister, brothers, turtle, and dogs.”- Kaelyn Mears

“My mom, dad, grandpa, Meemaw, uncle Angel, my brother, and my dog Luna.”-Brody McDowell

“My family and food.” – Angelyn Hernandez Medrano 

“My sister and my mom.” – Xiomara Mata Manzano 

“My momma, my momma’s heart, my momma’s earrings.” – Presley Estrada 

“My mom.” – Julian Rodriguez Diaz 

“My mom and dad.” – Marisela Ramos Hernandez 

“Watching Tv, playing at the playground, playing with my green, sparkly ball.” – Daniel McClendon 

“My sister, my mommy, and my candy.” – Oliver Sanders

“Food, my toys, and when I get to play.” Benjamin Cockerham 

“Taking the trash out, my mom, going to the movies with my mom.”-Bryson Walker

“Paw Patrol, my dad, my mom, brothers, my cat, and my dog.”- Theodore Liscum

“My family, my dogs, my grandma and grandpa, and princess shows.”- Gwendolynn Cox

“Playing with my toys, going to eat with my family, my dad, my mom, my brother, sisters, and going to the movies with my family.” -Luke Hurtt

Mrs. Tammie-

“My mom, dad, and playing with my friends.” – Annalise Phillips

“Mom, dad, and puppies.” – Jonathan Rojo 

“Tv, my teachers, my dog, my cat, my mommy and daddy, my grandma and grandpa.” – William Macon

“My cat, my dog, my mom, my tv, my bed, my parents’ bed, chocolate milk, and my dad.” – Kamdyn Alford 

“My mom, my dad, my teachers, my dog, my sisters, my grandma and grandpa.” – Avery Ponce 

“My mom and dad.” -Sadeigh Shaw

“My dog Gally and my mom.” -Ava Godsey 

“My mommy and family.” -Santiago Hernandez 

“Ice cream, pizza, and my family.” -Amaziah Jones

“My dog Wonder and my big brother Matthew.” -Jedidiah Hurtt 

“My mom, grandma, grandpa, and my uncle.” -Ruby Cundall

“My Mommy, Daddy, my Brother, Baby, and Mermaids.” -Amariah Swan 

“My mom, baby, and T.V.”-Bryson Johns

“My Mom and my dog.” – Desiree Kelsey

“My Mommy and Grandma.” –Jaciel Gutierrez

“For God, Dad, and Mom.”- Milo Lemons

“My cats, horses, and my family.”-Gunner Miller

“Our park, school, and my family.”-Cooper Mills

“My dog Koda and my mom.” -Laila Pacheco 

“What I’m Thankful For… KINDERGARTEN”

Mrs. Madison- 

“My mom” – Amira Alnaji

“My mom” – Evelyn Morales

“My mommy taking me to the store” – Amerykle McMinn

“My friends” – Jonathan Ponce

“My dog” – Nicholas Crawford

“My teacher” – Madelyn Rukat

“Christmas” – Leo Perales

“My football at home” – Trystan Pool

“My dad” – Kaynen Mayberry

“My mom that buys stuff for me” – Joseph Torres

“My mom” – Braxton Mecham

“Jeanne” – Armando Hudson 

Ms. Cole-

“My family and baby sisters” – Kaysen Arellano

“My dog and my brother” – Emerson Dominguez 

“My dog and family”- Jayden Martinez

“My family and mom” – Zayne Mozon

“My mom, dad and grandma” – Sawyer White

“My parents and dog” – Bentley McDowell

“My parents and grandma” – Ryker Jordan

“My grandma and my parents” – Paisley McCullough

“My parents and dog” – Chloe Walker

“My family and my mom” – Deytel Gamboa

“My mom, dad and sister” – Isabella Izaguirre

“My family and friends” – Jade Stewart

“God and my family” – Easton Mears

Mrs. Ketchum- 

“My friends and family” -Catalina Pesina

“My friends and family” -Ryan Camarena

“My friends and family” -Arquimides Borjas Ventura

“My friends” -Marcos Hernandez Ortiz

“My friends and family” -Aiden Johnson

“What I’m Thankful For… FIRST GRADE”

Mrs. Rodriguez-

“My mom taking me places” -Kayden Kunnen

“My mom taking me to the fair” -Diamond Salinas

“Thankful that my parents buy me food” -Sofia Virrueta

“My mom making my favorite pie” -Harlyn Blum

“Helping my mom” -Victoria Hernandez

“School” -Adriana Amador

“My family” -Juan Duron

“Everyone in my classroom” -Kayla Nolasco

“Chocolate” -Nate Luper

“Turkey” -Douglas Cundall

“My family” -Cole Moody

“Drawing papers” -Kaisley Miller

“My cousins mom” -Mariano Hernandez

“My Nana” -Aurora Whitehead


Ms. Heather- 

“People that take care of me and keep me safe” – Jordyn Spain 

“My dad who tickles me” – Christian Medina

“My teacher Ms. Heather” – Jaliyah Panting

“My teacher Ms. Heather because she is great” -Kendrick Walker

“My family and friends” -Kabreigh Sabato

“My grandma who always watches me” -Detzanie Reyes

“My teacher Ms. Heather because she helps me learn” -Hunter Miller

“Video games” -Cash McCullough

“My parents” -Grayson Gomez

“My friends who are nice” -Aubree Worrell

“School” -Madyson Jenkins

“My mom” -Jose Rodriguez Diaz

“My pets” -James Martinez

“My grandma” -Rylee Carranza 

Mrs. DeWhitt

“I love you and mom and dad” -Jacian Yanez

“A teacher”-Abagayle Bolin

“Friends” -Kendall Wylie

“My family” -Aubriella Ponce

“My family” -Lilly McFaddin

“My family” -Isabella Munoz

“My mommy and daddy”-Zephaniah  Hurtt

“Mommy” -Julian Quiroz


“What I’m Thankful For… SECOND GRADE”

Mrs. Luper

“My family and everything God gave us” – Conner Tabor

“People being nice to me” – Emir Hajdarevic

“My family and school” – Kyndal Littlejohn

“My family and school” – Grace Stewart

“My friends, my family, food” – Alexandra Risinger

“School” – Lennon Severin

“School and my friends” – Christopher Hernandez Pena

“My family and school” – Kinzie Mears

“My family, my friends” – Joselyn Alvarado

“My life, God, school, and family” – Ryleigh Robinson

“My family, my teachers, and my friends” – Evolet Jauregui Sigala

“The school, God, and my family” – Aiden Whitehead

Mrs. Kirk

“My family and what they buy me” – Za’Kirah

“Math, Mrs. Kirk, and my family” – Jaxon Vogelbacher

“Tractors, my mom, and dad” – Gus Strona

“Everything” – Ricardo Mareno

“My baby brother, my mom, and my sister” – Bayron Morales

“Video games, my family, and cookies” – Quinn Cox

“My family, nature, and being a girl” – Kamia Walker

“My family, and life, and school” – Antonella Mata

“My family, food, and celebrating” – Sarah Quiroz

“My family and my puppies” – Ashley Garcia

“My family and my life” – Tyler Miller

“To be able to come to school” – Michelle Rodriguez – Diaz

Mrs. Wilson

“My dirt bike.” – Brody Cleveland

“My cousins and other family.” – Emma Powell

“My family.” – Zoe Blum

“My family because I love them” – Gavin Lemmons

“My family because they keep me company.” – Brynleigh Jenkins

“My friends.” – Vincente Zora

“My family because they take care of me” – Austin Godsey

“My teacher” – Starlito Salinas

“My family because I love them so much” – Leighla Hernandez

“My family because  we love each other so much, and the world because it’s such a cool place.” – Jackson Lewis

“My family because they help me” – Nolan McFaddin

“Being nice.” – Anaya Morales

“My mom.” – Isabella Casas

“My mom and my dad.” – Juan Ortiz

“My family because I love them.” – Brycen Castillo