“I’m Thankful For… ELEMENTARY EDITION 3rd-5th”

Im Thankful For... ELEMENTARY EDITION 3rd-5th

“I’m Thankful For… THIRD GRADE”

Mrs. Anderson-

“Going to the game, for playing basketball, for my mom buying me toys, for hanging out with my family, for taking me to legoland, and for taking me to seaworld.” – Xzavier Pesina

“My friends because they are always there for me and my teacher because she is always there for me.” – Lexy Lemus

“My grandma, Jesus, basketball, football, and for my dad.” – Armando Alvarez

“My mom and dad, siblings to be here with me, my friends and my teacher, my birthday, sports, god, my life, my family, and heaven.” – Zayla Crawford

“My cousin Kane, he’s really nice. He lets me play roblox with him. When I surprise him with something he gets happy. He lets me play with his basketball.” – Abby Mills

“Friends and family because they are always there for me, and my teachers because they teach us what we need to know.” – Ana Hernandez

“Vr because you can do anything in VR, you can make a VR game, you can play scary games, you can play with friends, and you can play sports.” – Joel Osorno

“My life and my family and me, all of heaven, my house and my family that takes care of me, my room, and school.” – Noel Renteria

“My family, friends, and not dying today, and happy that my family takes care of me.” – Micah Hurtt

“Jokes and anime” – Evan Losey

“My family, pets, my teacher, my school, my close friends, my home, my tv, Jesus and God, because Jesus gives us kindness and we love him.” – Belinda Toj Ramos

“My games, my mom, my dad, my teacher, my friends, anime, and the reason I love my parents is because they take care of me.” – Levi Brown

“Friends, family, and my teacher.” – Jonathan Banda

“I’m Thankful For… FOURTH GRADE”

Ms. Davis-

“My family because they help me with things, video games because they are fun and cool, and sports because they’re good to watch and play.” – Tank Maddux

“My dad because he buys me everything like my sports stuff and my clothes, most of the bills, my uncle because when my dad is gone he plays with me, my brothers, and my cousin.” -Jace Prescott

“My family because they do a lot for me and they get me stuff, and also help me do thing I need help with they help me overcome my challenges, we also do fun stuff together and that is why I am thankful for my family.” – Jay’Lah Saldierna 

“Xxxtentacion, Lazy L, and Stranger Things.” – Ace Martinez

“My family who hangs out with me, school helping me learn bigger and better stuff, and my whole life, doing new and good things, and my teachers who are teaching new things.” – Leo Guzman

“My teachers, and like my teachers, I can do a lot of things.” – William Diaz

 “Having a great family, an amazing school, and amazing siblings, even if we don’t get along but we still have each other, and I like school so I can learn more and become a scientist, and my family tries their best to take care of me.” – Sophie Nolasco

“God created me, my brothers, my mom, and my dad, and God to be in our heart every second of every day, and all of the teachers and my classmates.” -Timothy Gomez

“My family because if I did not have a family I would be living on the streets, my siblings but I know we don’t get along but we are still family, my dogs because they are so cuddly when I am sad so I cuddle my dog.” -Cathryn Richardson

“Teachers and their love because they help us learn more and more every day, and that I am in this school.” -Miqueas Sandoval

“Books and reading, my family and the time I spend with them, and my dog.” -Emerson Dugan

Mrs. Morris-

“My family, friends, and pets, because they love us, care for us and help us.” – Angelli Castillo

“My mom, my dad, and food.” – Mckenzie Lundberg

“The best teacher, the best life with my family, and friends and for a home.” – Sophia Chaparro

“My mom, the earth, sun, moon, and my education.” – Trace Martinez

“My family bought me stuff and God.” – Carlito Aguliar

“My family, friends, and baseball.” – Lazaro Villarreal

“Having a home, food, water, and life.” – Ruben Salinas

“God, my mom, dad, stepdad, and my family.” – Jacob Johnson

“My God, my family,  and the world expressly for what the world has given us, my pets, and friends because I love them.” – Catherine Woody 

“My food, house, friends, parents, family, and school.” – Laney Knight

“Food, a home, water, a gaming console, how smart I am, and family.” – Joseph Canfield-Ford

“Friends and family for helping me.” – Elian Cruz

‘My mom, dad, my brother, my cousins, my friends, and the rest of my family.” – Leigh Cole


Mrs. Abbott-

“Mrs. Abbot, my family, cousins because we’re having a big turkey for our family.” – Dominica Yesmi

“My brother for having a girl so being an uncle.” – Jose Salazar

“Having parents, siblings, friends, family, and my teachers that are working hard.” – Autumn R

“I’m Thankful For… FIFTH GRADE”

Mrs. Benson-

“My family, because without them I would not be the person I am today. I am thankful for Jesus because he gave me life today so I am able to write this. I’m thankful for my education so I can be able to work in life” -Andrew Rodriguez

“My teachers because I learn from them. I’m thankful for what this school provides for us, and I am thankful for my family” -Caroline Ramirez

“My friends. I’m thankful for my mom, dad and my house” -Karson Trejo

“I’m thankful to have food, because some don’t. I’m thankful i have a house, because some people don’t, and i’m thankful to go to school because some people don’t go to school” -Isabella Ponce

“My family, my school, food and shelter” -Brayden Miller

“My family, having a fun life, God, and Jesus being in my life” -Konnor Mears

“My friends, my family, my pets, and that I am able to go to school, and having food to eat” -Blake Robinson

“My teachers that help me learn, I am thankful for the lunch they give us” -Christopher Medrano

“Itasca Elementary, I am thankful for my family and friends” -Macie Rodriguez

“My best friends, my teacher, Mrs. Benson, and for my family” -Angelina Diaz

“My family, friends, Jesus, my sister, little brother, and for my best friends” -Khloe Perkins

“My family, for food, and school” -Caleb Rendon

“My family because they provide me with food and clothes. I am thankful for Itasca Elementary because they teach us important stuff, and I am thankful for my friends because they look out for me” -Khia Snyder

Mrs. Estrada-

“My parents, siblings because they get me motivated and help me with a lot of things” -Liam Hankins

“My brother, family and friends” -Mia Ramirez

“My family, my church, my farm, and my education” -Amethyst Mungia

“My friends, family, shelter and school” -Lily Chabot

“My parents, house, and my car” -Fabian Morales

“My family, my brother, my teachers and friends” -Isaiah Rios

“My mom, and stepdad because they put food on the table and a roof over my head” -Jesus Mendoza

“My friends, and my family. I am thankful that my birthday is in November and lastly I’m thankful that after my brother had his accident, that he came out fine” -Clara Fragoso

“Being amazing, I’m thankful for having a lot, and I’m thankful for having everything” -Lillian Diaz

“My parents because they push me hard to overcome my dreams, I am thankful for my dogs because they make me feel like I am protective. I am thankful for my family because they make me feel happy when I am down” -Serenity Mozon

“My mom. I’m thankful for my family home that I live in. I’m thankful for my teachers” -Kai Burden

“My family because they are the ones that take care of me and another thing I’m thankful for is my friends, Luna, Lily, and Mia they are my best friends and I am thankful for this world God has gave me and the last thing I’m thankful for is my crush that I really like, that’s all” -Yoseline Ramos

“My friend and family because my friends and family are there for me and help me when I need help” -Annaleticia Duran

“My guinea pigs, my family and my life” -Nash Cox

“My family and friends, life, animals, God, and teachers” -Luna Esqueda

Mrs. Grisham-

“Wampus cat pride, Mrs. Grisham, Benson, Estrada, family and friends, because we all need a good hug from loved ones” -Adalyn Strona 

“Food on the table, to have over my head, family, my parents, school, my life, God, and the blessings of all the people in this world” -Joey Gonzalez 

“God, my family, my dog, myself, my school and for food” -Elias J. Hernandez

“Jesus, my home, my school, and for food” -Nadaline Casas

“Going to school, having a family, being in this life, and having family members” -Faith Ramirez

“A roof over my head, my dog who has been there forever, and my teacher Mrs. Grisham” -Joyce Nipp 

“My mom and dad, for going to school, my whole family for being by my side, and for my friends for having my back” -Tanith Baxter

“Jesus, for school, and for my life” -Dominic Dominguez

“My family, my teachers, my community, and my friends” -Zoie Stewart

“My family, Jesus School, friends, and teachers” -Marceli Chavez

“Having food on the Table. I’m thankful that I have nice friends. I am thankful that I have a house” -Cayson Shuffield

“Mrs. Grisham, Mrs. Benson, and Mrs. Estrada for pushing me to be a better person. I am thankful for my mom. She is the best and I am thankful for that. I am thankful for school because it will get me an education. I am thankful to my friends for being there for me” -De’Anthony Prater

“Having a roof over my head, and having an amazing family, and for having great friends and going to Itasca ISD. But the most thing I’m thankful for is being the IYA cheer captain, and being in this world with my mom and dad” -Landry Bassett

“My parents because I know they try their hardest and they push me to be a better person. I am also thankful for the job they work at because it pays them good money and helps them keep a roof over my family’s head. Lastly I am thankful for my teachers because they teach me stuff I need to know to go to college and college helps me get a job and they probably teach you how to live” -Ronin Chabot

“My education, food, people that lead me, walking up everyday, and my family” -Athan Flores

“My teachers for helping me reached 5th grade and for my brother helping me” -Bryston Prescott

“Going to school, my teachers, classmates, friends and without my school I wouldn’t know many things and without classmates i wouldn’t have friends” -Jaylin Corona