Happy Thanksgiving from the Yearbook/Paw Print Press Staff!


“I’m Thankful For…”

“My family and friends, and Jesus!” -Gabby Rodriguez 

“Being in this world. I am also thankful to have Alex in my life and both of our families.” -Sandra Diaz

“There’s many things that I am thankful for, I’m not going to list a lot of things because I’m thankful for every individual that has impacted my life in every way possible. I’m thankful for the things in my past that made me who I am today. I’m extremely thankful for my opportunities, and most thankful for the life God gave me.”-Michelle Crawford

“All the people who have pushed me to be a better person and to work hard everyday. I’m thankful for my mom and dad for providing a loving home.”-Joseph Willman

“My yearbook crew and everyone around me. I love coming to school each day to be greeted by smiles and “What are we doing today?” I want to thank everyone for being by my side. I really want to thank Mrs. Mears. Love always and forever.” -Tyler Griffith

“The yearbook crew for always helping me out, my steer for helping me learn more about animals and myself. Ms. Chapman, Mr. Bronar, and Mrs. Mears for helping me learn and grow as a person, and my best friends Katie and Lea for always being by my side” -Dakota Manaseri

“Family and for them always sticking by my side through everything, and giving me the best life they can.” -Mahala Goldsmith

“My nieces, nephews, family, and friends.”-Taylor Arellano

“My family, and the people I love.”-Michelle Chavez

“Thankful for many things, but the main things are for God, my family, my parents, my home, food, being able to come to school and my health.” -Lizbeth Morales

“My friends and family.” -Noona McGee

“My family” – Marisa R.

“To have my family healthy and happy. I am thankful to have a roof over my head every night and to have food on my plate everyday. I’m also thankful to have clothes, shoes, and every extra thing I don’t need, yet have.”-Krystal Monares

“My friends, family, food, and all sports or activities I get to do.”-Makala Rodriguez

“All of my friends.”-Wesley Stinemetze

“My family, friends, boyfriend, food, life, and all the people that love me.”-Christan Stevenson

“My family for pushing me to get good grades.”-Briana Grant

“My family and friends.”-Daisy Morantes

“My family, friends, boyfriend, sleep, and food. I’m also thankful for my pets.”-April Battleson

“My family, my girlfriend, friends, teachers, sports, my second family and my dad for pushing me to be great.”-Adan Garcia

“I am thankful for my family, my life, my little friend groups, and all the sports that have gotten me where I am now.”-Payslie McDowell

“My teachers, Mrs. Mears and Mrs. Sanders. I am thankful for my family, my sister, aunts, grandmother, and my supportive friends. I am also thankful for life itself and the opportunities I get to be better everyday.”-Amaya Brown