Thanksgiving Ideas!


Thanksgiving is a widely celebrated holiday that holds a deep meaning with friends and family! But what should you do for this holiday? Here are some ideas!


  • Break the Wishbone

When carving the turkey, set aside the wishbone to dry. Then, after the dishes are done, have a wishbone-breaking contest. Whoever ends up with the biggest piece gets to make a wish!


  • Craft a Family Tree

When the whole family gathers for the holiday, put together a family tree to commemorate your connection. Experts say that when children know their family story, they’re happier and have higher self-esteem — and teaching them all about it couldn’t be easier thanks to this hands-on project. Using everyone’s fingerprints as the leaves will make it even more personal. Opt for red and orange ink to give this craft a Thanksgiving spin.


  • Settle in for a Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

Football who? This year, pop some popcorn, cozy up on the couch, and stream your favorite Thanksgiving movies or Thanksgiving episodes of marathon-worthy shows. Who can resist another viewing of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?

  • Play “Who’s The Baby?”

Pull out all your old family photo albums or tell guests to email you a photo of themselves as babies before they arrive. Then, attach the photos to a bulletin board and number each one. Ask everyone to write down their guesses of who’s who, then announce the correct answers after dinner. It’s fun to see how much your loved ones have changed over the years!


  • Play thanksgiving Cornhole

Put on a jacket if you live in a cold climate and get your blood moving with a few rounds of cornhole!