PPP/Yearbook Staff: “I don’t want a hippopotamus for Christmas, I would really like…”


“I would like snacks and anything that has to do with sloths.”-Payslie Mcdowell

“I would like to have some candy and smell good lotion”-Noona Mcgee

“A charm bracelet, and to have all my family together, as well as to not be sick.”-April Battleson

“I would like to not be sick during the break!!”-Tyler Griffith

“For all my brothers and sisters to start talking to me again from California.” – Faith Sharp

“A Bath & Body Works candle, sour watermelon candy and lip gloss.” – Michelle Crawford

“To enjoy these holidays with my family, receive many blessings, continue to feel loved by family, to accomplish many goals and last but not least a gift.” – Lizbeth Morales-Guzman

“More beauty blenders, jewelry and shoes.”-Daisy Morales

“Snacks, a necklace and to see my family and friends have a good time.”-Amaya Brown