“Christmas morning, I hope to see these gifts under the tree…Sixth-Eighth Grade”


“More shoes and a blanket.” 

“A drone and a remote control car.” -Ben H.

“A computer and a bunch of food.” -Natalie Nalasco

“A beach waver and black and white Nike socks.” -Emery Wood

“PS 5, hoverboard, clothes, shoes, and a four wheeler.” -Mikayla Bovea

“Jordan Retro 4 Military Black, Air Force 1s, and Jordan 1 Chicago.” -Miguel 

“Ice skates or roller skates.” -Gabriel Cundall

“White Nike 270s and Nike Air Mags.” -Gael Gamboa

“Air pods, new records, make up, Mexican bracelets, new dresses, LED lights, and cotton candy.” -Elena Mares


“A new chair for my room, a PC, a keyboard, and a mouse.”

“Horse stickers, comfy oversized jacket, Ariat jacket with Mexico flag, Cirkul water bottle, LED lights, horse cover, and horse charm bracelet.” -Olivia 

“New phone and makeup.” -Abrie

“$100, gaming computer, and a phone.” -Isaias

“Board game, candy, and clothes.”

“Cologne, hoodie, and shoes.” -Joe

“Fee bucks from Fortnite.” -Chris

“Pokemon Scarlet or Violet.” -Elijah


“Michael Kors Purse, Coach Purse, get my nails done, apple pencils, new phone and tablet cases, apple watch, screen protector, and SMG BB Gun.”

“PS 5.”

“Ariat Soft Shell Mexican Jacket.” -Christian Sutton

“Hey Dudes, Cinch Jeans, and a Purse.” 

“Charm bracelets and a scarf.” 

“PS 5.” -Ari

“Nike tech cologne tunnels mini knoe.” -Christian E.

“Lip gloss, a pair of Nike shorts, cow stuffed animal, and soft blankets.” Rylee

“Clothes, shoes, money, and food.”

“A hippopotamus.” 

“Clothes, shoes, and food.”

“iPhone 14 and money.”

“Clothes, shoes, and money.”

“A BF and a phone.”

“A tablet.” -Tristan T.

“Money and clothes.”

“Sea monkey kit.”-Victor Perez

“LED lights, Takis, shoes, jewelry, a big stuffed bear, clothes, also stuff that I buy for my mom and grandma, snow” – Addyson Brown

 “Mechanical pencils, color pencils, board games” – Lidia Ordonez 

 “Remote car” – Daniel Cooper  

“A squishmellow, some new clothes, and an Annabell doll”

“A bunch of squishmellow and rings” – Traci Cain

“New games and a controller” – Marvin 

“Ariat jacket, alligator boots, jeans, air Jordan 5 low, tech deck, fingerboard, gold trucks, fingerboard, wheels, fingerboard wooden deck” – Angelow Perez 

“A fluffy dog, shoes, blanket, Iphone 12 pro max, and money” – Allison Osorno 

“A puppy, country purs, blazers, clothes, and jewelry” – Brynlee Ramos 

“Money, PS5, pooh shiesty mask, a girlfriend

“Bracelet” – Isaiah Villarreal 

“PlayStation 5 I’ve been wanting one for a while” – Antoni Rojo

“Airpods, Nike shoes” – Summer Baker

“Air pods, Airforces, money, one wheel, LED lights, parrot, pit vipers, hats, robots, iPhone 14, Meda baseball bat, gator, and new house” – Dawson 

“PlayStation, iPhone 14 pro max, computer”. 

“Food, candy, snow, GTA 5”.

“A skateboard, clothes that I like, art supplies, candy, jewelry, perfume, and new shoes” – Abby Morado

“Good grades, soccer shoes, PSG jersey, new PS4 controller, star wars for oculus” 

“Mini brands, make up, pallets, schleich horses, schleich horse, white chocolate vese, laptop” – Scarlett Jonsson 

“A desk, another manikin so Jessica my other manikin had a friend, I also want a fake skeleton, I want a doll” – Annimarie  

“PS5, Nintendo switch, iPhone 14, Nintendo switch games” – Josh Casas

“125 CC dirt bike, money, rama, iPhone, and PS Playstation controllers” – Jaxon Daniels 

“iPhone, big Tv, money, puppy, skin care, makeup, hamster or chinchilla, Nike stuff” – Nikaya 

“Oculus, four-wheeler, new iPhone 11, Xbox controller, and money” – Christian 

“Roller skates, headphones, air oculus”

“Not under the Christmas tree, but I want my family from Mexico to spend Christmas with us, doggy clothes for my dog, and a new console or PC like PS5 or a kitty” -Axel Gomez 

“Guitar, piano, clothes, shoes, TV, speaker, LED lights, a  fake skeleton, but they have to be mine” – Yleyan Rea

“Money, PS5, shoes, more money, clothes, and apple watch” – Abraham 

“A PC, new tv, new mouse, new keyboard, new PS4 controller” – Alex