“My Christmas tradition is… High School”


“Go to Texas de Brazil on Christmas eve, get home open presents, then go to my aunt and uncle’s house on Christmas day.” – Kaden Cordell 

“Kill goats and pigs, cook them and spend time with family.” 

“Open presents on the 24th not 25th.”

“Go to my grandma’s house, eat food, open presents, play board games, and then go to my dad’s side and eat food, open presents, and celebrate uncle’s birthday.” – Evelyn Montero

“Gather with family to talk, eat, and open presents.” – Frank

“Open presents, go back to bed, and wake up the next day.” 

“Spend it with my family.”

“Spend the day with my family and do Secret Santa at night.” – Charlsie Daniels 

“We put up the Christmas tree, go for a walk, and cook with the family.”

“We all eat as a family, we enjoy the night, and talk about things that do us good.” 

“Open presents at midnight on Christmas eve.” – Michael Flores

“Open presents and celebrate with family.” – Brayden Mecham 

“Eat food, watch tv, and walk my dog.” – Buddy Jackson

“Eat tamales.” -Israel Garcia

“Open presents from extended family on Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas morning I open presents from my immediate family.” – Alana Wyly  

“Have dinner and open presents at a family member’s house on Christmas eve and then open presents on Christmas morning.” – Elenna Sanchez 

“Spend it with my family in a cabin.” – Madi Middleton

“Eat, open presents, and spend time with family.” – Ilexis Flores

“Watch Christmas vacation and go to church.” – Ayden Abbott

“Open gifts and watch football.” – Lukas Nieto

“Spend time with my family and have a Christmas part and eat food.” – Jocelyn Cisneros 

 “Having 2 Christmases, one at my house, one at my grandparent’s house.” -Aleyna

“Christmas party and baking.” -Brooklyn Oglesby

“To hang out with family and friends and do gifts and stuff.” -Jessica Baskett

“Relax.” -Brannon

“Spend time with family and open gifts and eat.” -Makayla Aston

“Going to church and hanging out with family and eating.” -Kaitlyn Aston

“Having dinner on December 24th.” 

“On Christmas eve me and my mom match in pajamas and make cookies and hot chocolate and then open presents in the morning then the whole family goes to my granny’s.” Kori

“Gather with family and play games.” -Daniela Chavez

“Hang candy canes on the tree.” 

“Wake up, eat tamales for breakfast as a family, spend time with family, open up presents, enjoy the rest of the day with family.” -Alex Andrade

“Have the family over in the morning to eat breakfast and open gifts, then have a Christmas lunch with turkey’s and more.” 

“Open gifts then play Fortnite for the rest of the day.”

“Hang out with my family and eat, play games, and open gifts on Christmas day.”

“We stay up late either listening to Christmas music or watching Christmas movies as we eat or make food for the next day with friends and extended family.” 

“Wake up really early and then we open presents and then we eat pancakes.”

“Hang out with my mom’s side of the family and open gifts at my uncle’s house. We always go as a family to see lights.” 

“We exchange gifts for Christmas and party a lot.” 

“We make dinner with all my family and exchange gifts, we also dance.” 

“Dress up in pajamas and read a book to the kids about Jesus.” -Brayden Mears

“Dress up in pajamas and read “The Christmas story” with the whole family.” -Tucker Mears

“I like to go to my cousin’s house and spend time with my family.” -Nick Baker

“Eat and open presents.” -Justin

“All join at my house, open presents at midnight, sleep in, eat breakfast, and watch Christmas movies all day in PJs as a family.” -Kaliss Sarli

“Hangout with family and read the bible.” -David Torres

“Hangout with family and friends.” -Maddox A

“Go to my grandma’s house to eat and then stay up until midnight to open presents.” -Haylie Montero