Spotlight of the Week: Stacey Washington


Our spotlight for the week is Mrs. Stacey Washington (Mayberry). Many of you may have seen her at the front entrance taking money at a football game, running the clock at a basketball game, subbing for a teacher, or driving students to and from school on a bus. Mrs. Washington currently wears many hats for the Itasca ISD district, and has for the past 22 years. We would like to shine light on her, and shower her with praise and appreciation for her love and dedication to our students, community, and school district over the years.

Mrs. Washington is an Itasca native, who graduated from Itasca High School in 1990. She entered into education in the early 2000’s as a full-time sub and began coaching basketball alongside Coach Wallace. Unfortunately, Mrs. Washington had health issues arise that caused her to have to put coaching on the back burner, so she could focus on her health. Her dedication and love for the game was seen by so many, especially Coach Wallace, who still wanted her to be a part of the team. He asked her if she would like to run the clock for the basketball games, and she has now been running the clock continuously for 15 years. She says, “Its the best seat in the house!” Along with running the clock, Mrs. Washington has driven “her bus route” for 17 years!

The students can attest, Mrs. Washington is an all around easy person to talk to, and she gives the best advice. She has been a full-time sub at the elementary and middle school campus, as well as, a full-time paraprofessional at the middle school campus, and sub at the high school. She always pushes her students to do their best and will help them along the way!

We want to recognize all her unfailing efforts to help students and for her dedication to the Itasca Wampus Cat family for over two decades! We love you Mrs. Washington!