“The Last of Us: Review”


Credit to HBO

Lets go ahead and start with one of the biggest hot takes of 2023… This is the best video game adaptation to date. I was a huge fan of the games, and I have replayed the first game more than once, but yet there was still this sense of mystery behind what was going to happen. SPOILER WARNING!! For all fans who have enjoyed the game and all of its glory they still made Sarah’s death so impactful, and not only that… the way Nico Parker and Pedro Pascal establish that father and daughter relationship so fast in the series is amazing. Now let’s talk about Gabriel Luna on his performance as Tommy for the first episode. He may not look exactly like Tommy, but if you close your eyes and just listen to him speak you would never tell the difference. All these characters are so amazing and so well adapted and suitable for a live adaptation of a video game. I understand we are only in the first episode of the series, but there is a very bright future ahead for this amazing cast and show.