Day in the Life of a “Non-Typical High School Student”



2:04 pm – Got distracted and forgot to type something so it is now 2:24 pm.


7:52 am – Walked out of the car into the cold. Last time I checked this is supposed to be Texas. Why is it so cold??

8:01 am – In Mr. Bonar’s room. They didn’t have a sub in here so we had to stand outside the door for a second. Which by the way is soooo awkward. After standing up for some time it starts to feel like I’m standing weirdly.

8:35 am – And I’m currently struggling to breathe out of my nose. So I am resorting to mouth breathing. Did you know that mouth breathing constantly all the time can actually change the way that your jawline is structured?  

1:19 pm – I’ve been procrastinating on finishing this worksheet, but my teacher won’t be here tomorrow so I have no choice, but to do it now. 

1:21 pm – My ear hurts, god I hate allergies. I’m literally going to cry.

2:05 pm – Just talked to Tyler. He said that he likes my writing, which is a good thing. Just don’t know what’ll happen once its all published. Wishing/hoping nothing but the best.

2:21 pm – Read a comment he put on my work. Saying that the staff really likes my work, which is extremely good. I could be way more excited if I didn’t feel so terrible. (Sick)

2:48 pm – Finally made it to my last class period. It always smells so…. interesting here.

5:30 pm – Getting ready to take a heavenly nap. See unlike most of the kids at this school that gotta go to work after school or have sports. I don’t have a job nor am I involved in any sports. It’s not lazy, it’s just…. prioritizing my sleep.

7:48 pm – It feels like I’ve been asleep forever longer than I should have. Luckily it’s only 7 something so I’m okay. Can’t sleep in for too late. I’ve still gotta eat and video call some friends.

8:00 pm – I don’t know why, but the thought of skinwalkers and doppelgangers suddenly crossed my mind. Skinwalkers are (from my understanding) creatures that originated from Native American tales that will take the form of animals or they’ll like to take over the animal’s body in a sense to lure you toward them. They may also have human-like eyes.

8:06 pm – Doppelgangers on the other hand look just like you or will look just like someone that you know. But something about them will be different. They might eat something the person is allergic to, say or do something that the person would never do. And lastly they may mention to you something about doppelgangers before you even get the chance to warn them yourself. They may have been in a room with no technology meaning that they couldn’t have known which is a dead giveaway.

8:13pm –  I get scared way too easily so I don’t know why I’m even typing about this. But of course the main goal is to never interact with your doppelganger. If you see someone that looks just like you run and hide. Locking all your doors but whatever you do, do not interact with them. For skinwalkers the same thing. But if they just so happen to maybe take the form of your dog or cat etc do not let them into the same room as you. What should you do after that? I have no idea, so good luck :).


6:40 am-  Got up, went to the bathroom, and brushed my teeth.

6:45 am- Got my clothes out. Wanted to wear gray sweatpants and a long-sleeved black shirt. But I ended up wearing brown sweatpants and a white short-sleeved shirt. 

9:37 am – I’ve finally finished the majority of my work so I think that it’s been a successful week. After procrastinating Monday and Tuesday and not doing anything. I made an amazing comeback.